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what's the difference between annual and perennial planting? Answered

my wife is trying to put plants in front of our house.Also will plants/flowers grow through mulch ?


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11 years ago

Annuals grow from seed and flower in the first year, and then die. They will produce seed before they die so you should have new plants next year. Perennials will grow more slowly and may not flower in the first year but will live for several years, flowering year after year. In between are the biennials which will grow from seed the first year and then die after flowering in the second year (although some will go on for another year or two.) If you're growing from seed, it makes sense to start them in a prepared seed bed or at least in an area of loose damp soil as the seeds can get lost among the mulch and dry out. Some perennials will die down at the end of the year and not be visible above the surface, but will come up through the mulch in Spring.