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when america goes down the drain and all hell breaks loose, what items would i need to have to survive? Answered

im talking things such as gas masks and things like that. and how i could make these things cheap.



7 years ago

The only thing you need is your wits, and that you can start working on any time.


7 years ago

And what happens when the chemicals to purify the water run out?

What about fuel when the other 60,000,000+ (in the case of the UK) have cut down all the trees?

What do we eat when all the domestic animals and pets have been killed and eaten?

What do we wear when our relatively short lived and fragile fashion clothing has ripped and torn?

Where do we live when someone bigger, more aggressive or better armed takes our home away?

Where will all out waste go when the sewer system gives out?

Actually I doubt in our "civilised world" that the general populace can live without the infra structure they rely on.


Answer 7 years ago

Depends how long we have to make the alternatives work.

We have 200 years of coal left at least, all we need to do it dig, and we sure did it before we had our modern systems, same with clothes, food and sewerage.

I think society holds civilisation together, and that we aren't as stuffed as doommongers would have us believe.


Answer 7 years ago

Digging coal would call for a considerable amount of organisation which may (or may not) be there in moments of high stress (every man/woman for them selves). In addition you have to consider delivery / distribution assuming that fossil fuel options would quickly run out - look how fast petrol became scarce in the fuel strikes a few years ago.

We live in a very structured world and I believe there is very little room now for disruption of that structure before major issues in society begin to show..

I don't think there would be long enough to reinstall a steam / low tec replacement for transport for example. We have become dependent on relatively high speed transport, as well as easily and reasonably reliable electricity supply.

The larger countries may be batter off but a small highly populated country like the UK is going to have problems fast. IMHO


7 years ago

I think the skills more than the things would be important:

Look at the list of human needs, (maslow is a decent place to start), then see which of those things will be gone. Develop a skillset to deal with losing shelter, food, and human company.

frollardJack A Lopez

Answer 7 years ago

Oddly enough, the physiological and some of the higher tiers apply to the zombie apocalypse... :D Not bad for being 60 years old.