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when in the contest page, what does sort by instructable do? Answered

in the pulldown sort bar in the contest pages there is a sort by "instructable"... what does it mean?(it does not just weed out guides, i know that much)



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Best Answer 9 years ago

The "sort by" option reloads the instructables you see based on what terms you select from the drop down. By default, they are loaded by "recent" meaning the first one you see is the most recently added instructable for that contest. The very last one (on the last page) would be the very first entry into that contest.

To sort by "views", the page will reload showing instructables with the most views first to the least viewed (on the last page).

Sorting by "instructable", "photos" or "video" will reload the page and show you only those types of instructables. So if you select "video", you may not see very many at all (since "video only" instructables are not as popular). If you select "photos", you'll see "photo only" instructables listed. For "instructables" you are actually seeing only the "step-by-step" instructables (which is the most common type). Technically, the drop down should say "step-by-step" instead of "instructables", but nonetheless, that's the content you would get with that option. - Just note for these 3 options, they are displayed with the most recent (of that type) first, and as you cycle through from page to page the drop down changes (from say "photos") to "recent" (even though it shouldn't). You'll see from the URL (the address line) you are still viewing the instructables based on the "sort" option you selected.

I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions.


9 years ago

It also removes photo instructables and video instructables. I'm not sure how it sorts it after that but I think it's by recent.