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where are the outputs on this wireless receiver Answered

hi, i am planning on buying, and another instructables member already has, buying this wireless receiver (comes with a transmitter), for use in whatever we desire to use it for!
heres lins to two images of it, i dont understand a bit of it, only i see the inputspostive and negative, and the outputs positives, but thats it
, which make no sense to me.

anyway, what i know is where the positive and negative terminals are, also, the othe rmember has already tried running this using the ground terminal as the negative for the outputs, but says it does ot work at all, and that is the only thing which seems to make sense.
also, this is the only thing the ebay seller could give me in regards to operating and installing this chip into anything, because they know nothing of it, and asume that the ebay users who buy it already know how to use it.
anyways, there are several ports
d0,d1,d2,d3 vt, vcc, and ground
al the d's are the output ports, vt is called switching voltage and is assigned to an output depending on what button is pressed on the receiver, and thats all the information i have gotton.
and from what i know, its inoperable, but then again, i dont know much about that stuff

also, who ever shos me how this work, i promise wil get a "best answer" from me.



Best Answer 8 years ago

There appears to be a shortage of any detailed information on this module and the chip it contains - All there is is along THESE lines.  Not a lot to go on, but your pictures are pretty clear.  Basically, you want to make the make the circuit shown.

Connect it to a 5V or 6V source - the spec says  it's OK to 6V - with the +5V to '5DC+' and the 0V to '-5DC'.
Connect a LED in series with a 470R resistor and connect this to one of the outputs with the anode (+ve) of the LED to the module and the cathode (-ve) to 0V through the resistor.  

Put the Rx and TX a couple of feet apart and press the transmitter buttons in sequence to see if the LED lights up. If nothing happens and there's fewer than 6 buttons on the transmitter, move the LED to one of the other data lines as you could have selected an unused one.

I suspect the VT output is a general 'signal received' output, so you could try a LED on here too.

This is pretty certainly how the thing is meant to work.  If you get no joy at all, then check batteries, connections etc.  If nothing works then I suspect a duff Tx or Rx.


Answer 8 years ago

Of course if you do get LEDs lighting, work out which Tx button controls which data line and Bob's yer uncle! What are you planning to use it for?


8 years ago

i plan on using this as a disposable receiver because of how cheap it is, i intend to hook this up to a relay, which will ignite an electric match inside a hmtd initiator detonating a pipe bomb which i have placed inside th core of a hollow tree in my backyard.
i have another one of these preassembled with relays on it, but i want to use this one becaue it doesnt matter if it gts blows to pieces or not


8 years ago

Ignore ground symbol and use the neg. terminal of the battery.

If it's going to work at all that's how it needs to be connected.

What are you trying to hook up to this?