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where can I find instructions for decorating an edible flower basket cake? Answered

I need to see how to make the basket pattern and form the flowers. Thanks :)


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11 years ago

I have done the basket sides for both of my sister's wedding cakes. We used silk flowers for the tops (arrangements were hot glued to discs). So I don't know anything about the sugar flowers. However, the basketweave technique is here: http://www.wilton.com/technique/Basketweave

You might want to practice the weave technique on a flat surface like a baking sheet first, but you'll see it's super simple. Just start with a vertical line and go. Don't worry about how many verticals will go on the final cake (I tried to estimate and measure precisely on my first one-LOL!). You'll be able to adapt the width of the horizontal lines as you near the beginning of the design.