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where can I get a pair of electric motors capable of moving about 40kgs each for under £60? (from the uk) Answered

 I'm planning on building a small personal tracked vehicle for myself, and because of how I want to do the steering and various other things I want to use an electric motor on each track. I don't have a huge budget (I'm 15), which explains the price, but I would like this to do at least 2 MPH. Can anyone help?


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Visit a scrap-yard and haggle (explain you will be posting it on a website with a regular audience measured in the millions).

As steve says, windscreen wiper motors may be up to it, otherwise think of alternators, wheelchair motors, electric golf-cart motors and cordless power tools (all power sources I have seen used on the old BBC Robot Wars series).

You could also visit your local rubbish tip (most tips categorise their waste these days, and a nice ask could get you rummage time.  Take an adult, though, as most tips are not insured for pedestrians under 16).

Or advertise - put a card up in local newsagent windows to say that you can collect and take away any old electrical-motor devices.  You'll get a lot of dross, but you'll also get some gems.

Maybe write an article for your school newsletter about your project, and happen to mention that you are looking for electric motors.

Visit garages - they may have old motors removed from vehicles they are working on, they may even donate reconditioned motors if you promise to put a "sponsored by" sticker on the completed robot.

You could even write a letter to your local paper, asking for donations of motors from the public, or for an official sponsor for your project.


11 years ago

Do the numbers, but windscreen wiper motors may well have enough grunt for that.