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where can i buy the orange box in dubai? Answered

where can i buy the orange box in dubai?


Quercus austrinaahmad2117

Answer 8 years ago

Then you cannot buy it anywhere.

And you cannot even "borrow" it from someone else who has already used it because the registration number that goes with it cannot be used again, at least for the on-line versions of those games. In order to use the on-line versions, you have to purchase a new registration.

Either way, you need to obtain enough money in order to fully enjoy the games that come inside The Orange Box.


ahmad2117Quercus austrina

Answer 8 years ago

i just relised how right you are!
do visa gift cards work on steam? if so, orange box here i come!

(portal is free till 20th, i think, go get it!)


8 years ago

You could just get a regular brown box and spray paint it orange. Or are you looking for a box that has oranges in it?