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where can i buy thin but stong sheet metal? Answered

i have no idea about metal prices or where i can get it or can i use alumin cans (the center part rolled flat)



Best Answer 10 years ago

I suggest that plywood 3 or 6 mm thick or even thick cardboard until you get your design sorted out. There must be plenty of sheet metal stockists in your area - try the phone book. Aluminium prices have really gone up in the last year so be prepared. they tend to want to sell a whole sheet normally 8 foot by 4 foot. 1 or 2mm thick aluminium is quite stiff. Perhaps a DIY shop may keep smaller sheets.


10 years ago

Please state your application of the sheet metal, or plastic.


10 years ago

You really need a better handle on "thin but strong" - how thick ?? Aluminium cans made in one piece, it isn't possible to buy a large sheet than thin. You CAN get "Shim Stock" which typically comes in strips about 75mm wide and 300mm long. Its available in brass, spring steel and stainless steel. I haven't seen aluminium shim though it may exist. Of thethree I know of, spring steel is potentially the strongest.

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