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where can you find stepper motors? Answered

iam having a lot of c car motors and iam planning to make a robotic arm but there are no simple ways to slow it down, so where can i find stepper motors which can rotate slowly??



9 years ago

also look in old 5.25 floppy drives. the teac has some really decent ones.
i guess it woul depend on the torque that you will need. even an alternator from a car can be made to step. has about 3-5degrees per step, but lots of torque.(big h drives too)


10 years ago

Look on craigslist.com am sure you will find one there.

printers and fax machines are best. and cnc machines. although thats probably why you want them, and if you have a cnc machine you probably have the money to just buy a stepper motor lol


10 years ago

You can find them in printers, hard drives (really old ones), and some record players. An old printer is probably your best bet.