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where do i get ammonium sulfide at my age of 16? Answered

Lately there have been fart bags set off on my bus about three times, though it's totally nasty, i got to thinking: what do they put together to get fart bags to smell so bad? i then said, " i am totally going to make my own stink bag and use it for a particular purpose. so my friend told me to mix ammonium sulfide and water. so that's my question: where do i get ammonium sulfide at age sixteen?



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you buy stick bomb capsules, it's in there.

Otherwise, try photographic developers or a bronze-casting foundry (it's used to add a patina).

If you want to make a bad smell, though, simply let some raw eggs go off, really off, mix it with some water to make it runny again, and put it into one of those small atomiser sprays you can buy in pharmacies.

In the crowd of the bus, squirt a little on the back of whoever let off the fart bags...


8 years ago

This friend of yours with the good advice didn't have any ideas then?



Answer 8 years ago

they wouldn't tell me where to get what i needed.


8 years ago

Mostly they contain the chemical mercaptan I can assure you

a) it stinks of rotten cabbage B) It is very hard to get rid of. getting it however may be more difficult.