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where is the internal psp flash storage? Answered

I've got a psp. it's really great, but it's dying slowly. I'm planning on buying a broken one and transferring the necessary parts over to the broken one. but I would like to also transfer the internal flash memory so that I don't have to hassle with making a pandora's battery and mms all over again. it also has a little modification for the camera that I don't want to lose. so if anyone could tell me where (motherboard, etc.) inside the psp it is, that would be awesome. thanks!



Best Answer 10 years ago

I would honestly say that if you have the time and effort to be desoldering and resoldering two surface mount chips you certainly have time and effort to make a pandora battery etc. Either way, the chip you're looking for on the mainboard is the K5E5658HCM-D060, at least on the PSP1000. Not entirely sure if the later models used a different chip. Just ahave a hunt around on the board and you'll find it.