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where to buy low cost Nespresso capsules on Line? Answered



7 years ago

Hello frollard, i guest that you're right about the price of it all. But I bought the machine at 1/4 of it's price and thought it would be easy to find cheaper refills. Here in Switzerland there were copies of Nespresso capsules, but Nestle went to court and won. So we longer can buy cheap copies.
Have a nice day, Karin Niki


7 years ago

I haven't looked for any stores in particular; not owning a machine myself yet... I think they expect that people who have a $300 coffee luxury item aren't gonna be concerned with the cost of refills (at least in their marketing world). The cost will probably be set by the manufacturer, and any lower prices you find will be padded out by increased shipping costs.

This youtube video shows how to refill them yourself...