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which way is the air flow going in a laptop stand? Answered

I want to make a laptop stand for my wife but I don't know wich way the airflow of the fun goes,

Is the airflow pointing up towards the laptop? or
Is it point down away from the laptop?

I want to make this instructable and I am talking about the fan that is attached to the laptop stand.


thanks for your time and your answer.


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Since your aim is to increase airflow, look at where the current fan vents are and position your fan to help those out. It's likely your wife's laptop is plastic unless it's a mac, so align your fan to help the current fan. If it currently pulls air into the case on the bottom and pushes it out the side, point your fan so it pushes more air into the laptop fan. 

If the laptop has a metal case and no fans, it's using its aluminium shell to dissipate heat. In this case it doesn't really matter which way the fan poins, just position it in the middle to draw or push air across the bottom of the case. People might argue you'll get marginally better performance pushing or pulling, but having just spent a few hours looking at the effect of direction of fans on CPU heat sinks, the best answer I could find was use common sense, try it one way and try it the other, see which is better.


Answer 11 years ago

There are much better instructables than the one you're looking at for laptop coolers, BTW.