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while i was giving a supply of 1.3 A and 12v ,short circuit happened.so what is the maximum capacity of IC L239D ?? Answered



Josehf Murchison

2 years ago

L293D is for small motors or inverters.

If you want it to handle a 1.3 amp load you can use it as a transistor driver for higher loads.

However if you are going to do that you might as well build your own full bridge or half bridge circuits.

For 1 motor

It is the same sketch as L293 in this Instructable.


You can get the datasheet for the IC here:


Current sensor pin 1 R 0.5 ohm

+ up to 50 volts motor supply pin 4

+ 5 volts logic pin 9

Ground pin 8

The motor to pin 2 and 3

Enable pin 6

Data inputs pin 5 and 7

Second motor

The motor to pin 13 and 14

Enable pin 11

Data inputs pin 10 and 12

Current sensor pin 15 R 0.5 ohm

Standard 2 motor sketch for the L293


2 years ago

L293D has an over current limit of 600 Ma per output channel. It will clamp down when tyhat limit is exceeded, a situation that often catches people out and they put too large a load on the H bridge and think it isn't working.