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why are my dress shirt buttons turning white when i wash them? Answered

i have some expensive dress shirts. i wash them on cold and put them in the dryer. it recommends washing on cold but says to line dry them. they are turning white and discolored. i have only washed them 3 times. could it be the dryer?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Its the heat of the dryer. The chemical composition of the buttons are being affected by the heat and changing color; but it could be worse, some buttons will turn a nasty shade of yellow from the dryer.

At this point there isn't anything you can do but buy a set of buttons from a fabric store that match the size and color you need, and replace the ones that are on the shirt. Chances are, the buttons you buy will be safe for the dryer and you won't have any issues from that point further.


7 years ago

I think you've answered your own question. The manufacturer says to line dry them, but you're subjecting them to the heat of a dryer.