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why are other cats poooing by my front door? Answered

I have a cat . Who is kept in over night. When i wake up in the morning there is cat poo on my doorstep and in the back garden. why are other cats doing this? Is it a territorial thing? Does anybody know? 


Josehf Murchison

4 years ago

There can be a number of reasons they poop on your doorstep.

Cats are smart I have seen them lay on a car hood and clean themselves as the dog in the car goes nuts.

They can be saying, "Naner, naner, naner, I'm out side and you are not."

They can just be saying, "Can Tabby come out to play."

If your cat is a female they can be saying, "Check out my junk."

If your cat is a male they can be saying, "Check out my junk."

My cat is called Smokey and he is a house cat simply because he would hunt down and tear apart every cat in the neighbourhood if he got out. Smokey likes to sit at the patio door until the neighbours dog Jake comes to the patio and attacks the door. Then he walks away with his tail in the air wiggling his but at the stupid dog.


Oven Repair 5.JPG

4 years ago

Scent. Your doorstep has been marked as a kitty litter box. Scrub everything down with a strong bleach solution to get rid of the scent. Keep the area well lit at night. The light will discourage nighttime feline visitors.