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why can't i find the instructable i made afew minutes ago? Answered

i just made an instuctable and i can't seem to find my name or my instructable anywhere on the website ecxept my account



Best Answer 10 years ago

Did you "publish" it or just save it as unpublished to come back to later? Why don't you provide us with either the link you were given on the "GMail -- send it to your friends" page after publication, or with the link you say you already have in your own profile? The the staff experts have enough information to actually answer your question. Here are some general guidelines, while you are providing that information. The publication process requires server (database) updates before links on the public pages are actually generated. Those updates generally take a few minutes, but I've seen delays as long as an hour or two. If your Instructable was deemed "not ready for publication" by automatic filters -- you didn't provide any images, you used any of a list of suspicous keywords or text, and so on -- then it will be reviewed by a staff member before publication. If that review leads to a conclusion that your I'ble is not publishable as is, then you will get an e-mail notification explaining what was wrong.


10 years ago

also, it takes about 10ish minutes to load so it wont come up right away


Answer 10 years ago

Lemonie's right. The specific failure is that you have no images at all. The automated filter will reject the I'ble and will send you an e-mail telling you that.