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why does the software manager not give the latest updated packages? Answered

i have finally made my computer dual-boot.  last few times, i erased windows, then i was stuck with mint, then when i tried to install Ubuntu next to the mint, it corrupted mint.

well, now i managed to get mint 11, downloaded supertuxkart, and realized it had been updated. well, i booted in mint 10, and opened software manager, it does not offer the updated version. can anyone explain this? ps. update manager seems to only update certain pakages.



7 years ago

Mint and Ubuntu are static type of OS i.e. they make their software list at the time of release of OS so even if the application is released with new version you cannot install it from software manager. You either need to download binary from website or to compile from source.

For eg. If during Mint/Ubuntu release Firefox was 4.0 then then after 1 month it is 5.0. You will not get the 5.0 in software manager... You need to download it from Mozilla website or have to compile it from source code.

If you want to have latest packages always but with a stable system then go for PCLinuxOS. It is as easy as Ubuntu or I should say more easy... Such OS are called 'half-rolling' Other example is Sabayon.

Then there are some which upgrade/update WHOLE OS to new version e.g Arch and Archbang, Gentoo. But they need expert knowledge to work.

So in your case Mint10 software manager cannot have the application version which Mint11 is having and so is the case with all static releases like Debian stable, Ubunut, Mint, Fedora, Mandriva etc.

Check this ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolling_release


Answer 7 years ago

Thanks. that makes sense because mint 11 has a newer verson of supertuxkart. But how do I install a linux pakage from online. First I download, find the file, mark it as executable, and hope for the best. (In the case for supertuxkart, I unzip it and inside is a exe. File) but the computer doesn't reconize it as a program. How do I go about installing the correct way?


Answer 7 years ago

Installing on-line can be done in two ways.
1)Binary 2)Compile from source

Binary way
You said that you found .exe , that's a windows installer... can only be used with WINE under Linux (not recommended)

For Mint search for .deb of your application.
Download it and install it using gdebi (you need to install gdebi from software center ...very small download) (But in think in mint gdebi is preinstalled..just check . If not then install it)

Similarly if you are on fedora then you have to search for .rpm

In Linux, apps are same but package mangers are different with different TYPES of packaging. eg. For ubuntu/mint/debian it is 'apt-get' with .deb (if you install some apps you can see .deb being downloaded) for fedora it is 'yum' with .rpm so is the case with 'pacman' in Arch linux , 'emerge' in Gentoo etc.

So if you cannot install latest with software centre then download .deb of your app from main website. But .debs are not easy to find .... you may get or you may not.

Second method is compiling from source.
It is little more difficult than any other method not because you need to enter command but because it needs time and proper understanding of dependencies.
To do this :
1)find the source code from sourceforge.net or from the application website.
2)Extract the contents in a folder
3) Follow instructions in read me file

The general steps to compile are--
1] Open terminal in the extracted folder ( with Mint it is easy to do. Right click in the open folder and select 'open in terminal'
2] issue these command one by one -
a) ./configure
b) make
c) make install

All the command are to run as root using sudo.

Warning: It takes time... lots of time. When I compiled WINE it took 1.5 hrs
So proceed first with readme ..if not able to understand then follow what I have written.
These 3 commands to compile are universal but some (very few) apps need additional steps which will be written in Readme file (included in download)
One more thing .. the source code will be in .tar compression (99% of time)

I will suggest you to upgrade Mint to Mint12 .This will solve all the problems at once.
But yes do try compiling, it is fun

If during any step it gives you some warning like this package is missing or something then simply issue the command "sudo apt-get install "
Or simply install it using synaptic

Then again you have to issue the same command till one step is completed (that's what takes time ...much of the time)

Advantage of compiling is that you get latest app and also that it will perform in much stable way then the app installed from software centre ( not much but still little bit)

My recommendation is upgrade to Mint12
If not then we can discuss further


7 years ago

Have you updated your sources ?


Answer 7 years ago

Not a user of mint, sorry. Are you using Apt-get to download ?


Answer 7 years ago

i tryed the terminal, it installs the old version.


Answer 7 years ago

no, i like software manager, will installing using the terminal get me the latest and greatest? i went online and downloaded the game from their site, placed the zip file on my computer, extracted it, opened the extracted file, and clicked the "run_game.sh" that works, but i don't think its fully installed, the computer just runs it... ill try that.