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why don't EMP's disable themselves? Answered

I was thinking recently about EMP's and how they disable electronic equipment and i realized that if an EMP generator is charged and fired with an electronic circuit doesn't that mean the EMP generator itself will be disabled?




7 years ago

A properly designed generator should be either impervious to EMP or shielded from EMPs unless the unit is designed to be expendable. But in general, they are directional. You aim the generated pulse at the targets you wish to disable. Like shooting a shotgun, you're safe as long as you aren't in the line of fire.

Jack A LopezBurf

Answer 7 years ago

This sounds like an analogy, comparing EMP generators to more familiar weapons like guns and bombs.

That is to say some EMP generators are like bombs, in that they can only be fired once, and destroy themselves in the process.

Other EMP generators are like a gun, in that they can be fired, reloaded, and fired again.  A  "properly designed" gun, does not destroy itself when fired.

Another way of saying this:  It is possible to design a kind of  bomb that can be fired more than once.  Necessarily the destruction this bomb causes must not include the parts of the bomb necessary for it to fire again.   A bomb designed in this manner, so it can be fired more than once, is essentially a gun. 


7 years ago

Find out exactly what EMP does to electronic equipment and how. If you understand that you'll have a better idea.


(Nuclear-EMP devices do destroy themselves.)