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why don't you remember me? how to login and stay logged in at instructables.com Answered

Hey gang! I only poke me head in here once in a while, so forgive my ignorace. The ability to view all steps of an instructable is a nice feature, but you always have to be signed in to make that happen.

Multiple browsers at home as well as browsers on my mobile phone remember my credentials, but I find that even though I always check off that little Remember Me box, this site never, ever remembers me, and I'm always logging in manually. It's not so annoying when I'm at my computer, but when I'm at the shop and I only get 1.5 bars on Tmobile's Edge network, it's a good 5 to 10 minutes spent logging in every time I need to double check some minor detail. Is there anything I can do to log in and *really* stay logged in?


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10 years ago

It's a cookie issue, I guess.
Or maybe that when you login somewhere else, it log you out at the other place.