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why i like electricity type stuff so much. Answered

i have told, like, nobody this before but, one day when i was about four years old, on a boring night, i was in my apartment kitchen with a silverware knife. i then saw an empty outlet in the wall. then... IT HAPPENED. i shoved the knife in the socket, and never felt a single volt of electricity!!!!!!!! from then on, in my mind / imagination, i saw my self as a special person, who could harness electricity. but then, in 1st grade, i met Cole O'Grady. we got into a fight, and i screamed, quote, "I hope u get struck by lightning and go to the hospital and get scarred for life!!!!!!!!". then, during a storm in december, there was severe lightning strikes. then, when i went back to school i didn't see cole for a week and 2 days. when i asked where he was during that time, and i was informed he WAS in the hospital with 2nd degree burns. now THAT, is NOT, COINCEDENCE! that is why.


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11 years ago

It is not WISE to stick anything metal into an AC outlet... but the reason you did not get shocked is simple to explain.  Electricity needs a RETURN path in order to get shocked.  If you had been standing in bare feet on concrete you would have been shocked because your feet would be completing the return path.  If you stuck the knife in the NEUTRAL side of the outlet, you would have felt NOTHING because the neutral side is grounded at the mains box.  This explains why LITTLE BIRDS can stand on the HIGH VOLTAGE power lines outside... some of those lines carry 100,000 volts.... but the birdies DONT GET SHOCKED!  WHY?  because BOTH of their little bird-feet are only touching ONE wire.  If they lifted one foot and touched the telephonepole, they would be VAPORIZED.  This is basic electricity, so you are not "a special person who can harness electricity."

I somewhat SUSPECT you are lieing about both incidents though. because
1.. I have never seen any kitchen knife that would fit into an electrical outlet...
2.  winter Thunderstorms in DECEMBER are very rare, and when they do occur,
they do not have cloud to ground lightning strikes... they are snowstorms
usually and do not have thunder or lightning.... unless you live somewhere
that is very warm in december like maybe FLORIDA.

Molten Boron
Molten Boron

Reply 11 years ago

I'd say CA qualifies for that last premise...
Also, there was no indication that his friend suffered the burns from LIGHTNING...
But yeah, DON'T try that outlet-stunt again, because you WILL complete a circuit and get SHOCKED so badly you could get KILLED or WORSE.
And maybe you CAN harness electricity, but it depends on how many VOLTS and AMPS are going through you. When your friend shuffles his feet across the carpet and zaps you, you are HARNESSING hundreds of thousands of volts! But no amps. If you were to harness the voltage that comes from POWER LINES, they can source more amps, so your body would also harness MANY AMPS. And it doesn't even take a full amp to kill you.