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why is my blackpowder burning so slow? Answered

i have been using kno3 willow charcoal and sulphur (all are fine powders) to the ratio 75:15:10 but my results are not impressive at all it burns like a wet fart lol but i want it quicker to make firecrackers what am i doing wrong i have tried the most common tecniques from theinternet but to my dismay none of them work starting to get really annoyed as i spent a fair bit on the ingrediants and i dont want it to be a waste any ideas any1?



1 year ago

After the first drying how, much alcohol do you use for the last mixing,just enough to make a stiff paste


9 years ago

Are you using a 75:15:10 ratio of KNO3, charcoal, and sulfur? Try grinding up your charcoal and sulfur together as fine as you can grind it, then grind your KNO3 seperately. Use just enough boiling water so you dissolve the KNO3, then add your charcoal/sulfur mix and stir. Let it dry. Then, add alchohol to the mix and stir again. Let it dry overnight. Done :)