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why is my domain parked on instra and not my website? Answered

i just bought the domain www.jpoopdog.com, and likewise, jpoopdog.com, and as soon as it was set up, i had an issue, and the support staff simply said it was out of their hands, and could do nothing.

i set up my domain with onlydomains.com, and selected my webhosts nameservers n01.000webhost.com, and n02.000webhost.com, and all went well.
www.jpoopdog.com was directed to my site ombj.uphero.com, but just jpoopdog.com, on the other hand was not, whenever i go to it, it says, domain parked by instra, and now, www.jpoopdog.com, does it too.

the strange thing is though, www.jpoopdog.com/index.html, my homepage, works.
why cant i access my own site i payed for, using the domain name i bought?

also, on another not distant enough topic,
why doesnt javascript work on firefox? more specifically cookies. my testing site (http://www.jpoopdog.com/testing_site/cookie.html) , works fine offline and on internet explorer, but not firefox, how do i make it firefox compatible?


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Best Answer 9 years ago

I don't know about your domain complaint - sounds like it is happening at your host, not at your domain registrar -- double check your registrar's nameserver info.

As for javascript not working in firefox, generally firefox follows internet standards where microsoft wrote their own 'standard' -- so if a script you picked up is only designed for one, it won't work for the other.

So, confirm, when you are on your HOST's address, the webpage shows correctly, but when you are on your domain it does not...


Answer 9 years ago

the staff at onlydomains fixed my problem, which was in the cache or something, and at the time because my internet was timming out or cutting out, something went wrong.

anyway though, you were completely correct, not about the cookies though, so you deserve a bets answer. can you still answer me this, why my code for reading cookies wont work on firefox?
whenever i even do basic javascript in dreamweaver, firefox wont do run any code. do i need to change the script tags maybe? on most sites source code, they always use

i may have changed the script on load to body.onload or something, but it still doesnt work.


9 years ago

*can't reply to an answered question:

I can't profess to know exactly what the problem is, but rest assured the different browsers look for different code when they do a given function - That is arguably the largest part of web programming sadly;

5% design
5% coding
90% making it inter-operable to different browsers.