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why is my finger numb? Answered

Why is my finger numb?? It’s been like that since 2 it`s now 7:13 but just the tip is numb.



8 years ago

you damaged a nerve ending buddy i would talk to your doctor

acidbassDon,t try this at home

Answer 8 years ago

ork is right but if it just suddenly occurred without any damage it should it happens all the time with me

Depends on how you damaged it, where you damaged it, and how badly it's damaged. If you've got a repetitive stress injury, it may take quite a while to recover. If you just banged the nerve, a day or two may do it. If something more serious is going on, the answer may be "no, it won't recover on its own."

If in ANY doubt, pick up the phone and call your doctor, describe the symptom, and ask whether it's worth coming in. He or she probably won't charge you for a five-minute phone consultation, and the doctor (unlike us) will know which questions to ask in order to advise you on whether to come in immediately or not.

Standard observation: Free medical advice on the Internet isn't worth what you pay for it. We aren't doctors. We may be worse than clueless.

Having said that: My own rule of thumb for this sort of thing -- as long as it's clear that it isn't getting worse or damaging anything else -- is to give it up to three days to recover before deciding I'd better talk to a doctor . But that's partly based on my having had (mumble) years to learn how my own body reacts to things; I'm considerably older than you are. And I have made mistakes in that regard, so you probably shouldn't take this as advice.

I dont got the money to go to the doctor and i damaged it sleeping in class i guess i cut off the blood flow or somthing.

Or bruised the nerve.

If it doesn't recover pretty quickly, you can't afford _not_ to go to the doctor.

As I said, you should probably at least call the doctor and ask the questions you've been asking us.


8 years ago

ummmmmmmmmmm you just idk its numb and stuff try burning it and see if it hurts... im just kidding idk


8 years ago

Did you dip it in glue or rubber?


8 years ago

What acidbass said. Most likely a pinched one.