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why is the internet working on my laptop but not my phone? Answered

I tried everything but it still not working in any phone Its only work in the laptop




3 years ago

Does it have any connection with Connection Mode??(B/G/N)

I advise you to go to router setting and make wireless connection mode to B only...


4 years ago

1) your laptop is connected via wire or wifi, and your phone is connected via 3/4G and it fails.

2) your laptop is on a wired connection, and your phone is attempting a wifi connect but your wifi connection is bad.

3) your phone is failing its credential checks with the interface it is attempting to use (for instance, if you don't submit the right connect password for wifi to gain access to your home router's wifi, and your home router is being protected by a passcode, well... y'ain't gettin no whar fast.

4) something I overlooked. not sure what it is, but you just checked 1-3 and they failed, so it must be something else ;)

good luck!

(back when I had problems, it was #3, due to a mismatch between the rather lengthy (80 char) passcode I created in a moment of netparanoia, and the one I actually wrote down to put into my phone. Took me a little while to figure it out. Simple mistake in transcription.)


4 years ago

What phone do you have and what have you done to connect it to the internet?