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why wont my game install onto my computer? Answered

my battlefield 1942 game froze. like. permanently. i went to delete a profile on it one day then the cursor stopped moving. the sound still played and the video in the background still played. i restarded the computer several times, and the music and video played but the cursor still wouldnt move. i uninstalled the game, and now it wont install again. in a step it asks me to choose a folder to put the game in, but theres already a folder its in (eagames).anywho when its about 30% into installing, i get this message: 'specified component cannot be found in the media. an attempt was made to acess a component that does not exist in the named media." does this have to do with chosing a folder? does that have to do with my cursor to stop working?


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10 years ago

It sounds to me as though your have some remnants of the old installation hanging around that are corrupted. Go through and empty all your temp files and cache. And if you have it, use the registry cleaner in CCleaner to get rid of any orphan entries.
If you don't have CCleaner, a free download is available here: