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why won't my xbox 360 wireless controller recharge? Answered

I bought 2 AA lithium ion batteries for the controller and i expected that when i connected it via the usb cable that is used to charge the xbox controllers with the rechargeable battery pack that it would charge the lithium ion double A's. why doesn't it charge them? when i insert dead AA batteries and then put the charging cable on the batteries heat up because (i presume) that the cable is trying to recharge non-rechargeable batteries. so if it will recharge rechargeable battery packs and attempt to recharge non-rechargeable batteries why won't it recharge lithium ion double A's?



9 years ago

Don't keep trying to trecharge them or you'll have a lithium fire to contend with.  


10 years ago

Lithium ion AA's are often a different voltage and need a special charger to charge. 'Protected' lithium cells have a small circuit inside to ensure the battery stays...working. You may have destroyed the controller, batteries, or charger circuit using that charger. Use NiMh rechargables. Best tradeoff between cost and storage - way better than NiCad. OR...pick up a lithium AA charger.