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why would you jailbreak your ipod??? Answered

i just got a ipod touch 4 gen 8 gb....why do ppl wont to jailbreak them???


Dr. Pepper

Best Answer 8 years ago

It is awesome! You get so many more apps and stuff. If you want to try google "spirit jailbreak", that's the best jailbreaking system I know of. I have had 2 ipod touches and I have jailbroken them both. I also have the knew ipod! How is yours?


7 years ago

Jailbreaking unlocks what Apple did to hide the iDevice's true power. The apps, themes, lockscreens, Heck even the Boot Logos. Mine is an XBOX 360 start up! If you want to jailbreak and have 4.2.1 : http://greenpois0n.com/
Hope I didn't waste your time. Check out my jailbreaking tutorial. Sadly it doesn't have too many photos :(
Have a great time if you jailbreak it!



8 years ago

When you jailbreak your iPod, you get an open-source iPod (meaning you can program it). This also includes a package called Cydia, or sometimes Ice or Rock. In which you can download themes, hacks and anything to do with pimping up your iPod. Also, people do it because you can download apps that would cost money for free. But beware: It broke my iPod because I installed to many things from Cydia and couldn't be butted to delete them.
Hope this helps,


8 years ago

There are lots of reasons why people would... to say they did, because a specific program isn't supported, but usually just to download free apps,

The Ideanator

8 years ago

You'll find out at some point I'm sure.