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wifi radar Answered

is there any way to make a rotating wifi antenna and it stops when it hits a strong signal? 




Best Answer 8 years ago

Take a servo to rotate a Cantanna.  Setup an iPhone or Radio to produce
an audio sound volume proportional to the signal being searched for.
Use an Op-Amp peaking circuit to stop the rotation at peak volume.

Where it stops is a peak signal point, if there are multiple peaks it gets
a lot more complicated then this text box.



8 years ago

I've been thinking about this sort of thing my self as I have a biquad wifi antenna connected to a buffalo ap outside my apartment that I'm wirelessly bridged to. I hate having to go outside an turn it every so often.
I have an arduino and servo in a bin somewhere and plan on putting something together. It is doable. Just have to work on one thing at a time. My plan is to have a gui interface with buttons labeled with access points that I could click and also use a slider for fine tuning.
I think I've seen an online video of an autonomous antenna and camera used for UAV projects.
Possibly would be easy to implement a script in dd wrt to work with the arduino and servo so that it would be autonomous.


Answer 8 years ago

that soubds pretty good. i am making a portable one that puts of a very small amount of wifi to the antenna of an ipod touch, and it will retract when needed. my ipod is freed, (jailbroken,) so i dont need to mannually connect. any comments?


Answer 8 years ago

Can you explain in a lil' more detail what it is exactly your trying to do?


8 years ago

thanks... sounds complex.