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will a vga to rca cable work to play games on a monitor? Answered

I want to play games like ps1, ps2, ps3, wii, and ps2 slim but all I have is a portable dvd player with av in fuction but I want to play it on a monitor so will a vga to rca cable work for games on my monitor? By the way my monitor is a hp, I don't know what model but I don't think that matters much.



The MadScientist

Best Answer 6 years ago

In most likely hood it will not work. The RCA to VGA cables work by using only one of the pins on the VGA port and relies on the input device being capable of interpreting the "old style" video input. Your best bet is to get a HDMI to VGA cable (will only work with PS3 because it's the only one with HDMI out) they are a bit more expensive (under $10) than the RCA to VGA cables but it should get the job done.