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will "anti-graying" hair mousse work to dye hair? Answered

Hi again everyone

despite many questions i STILL can't find a way to dye my blond-brown-white-ish hair black! (yes, it did fade back after the chocolate brown incident..) i have naturally multi-colored and highlighted hair and don't want to lose that from staining or using permanent dye.
recently, while in a cosmetics store in a desperate attempt to find a dye, i found a "anti-graying" mousse for covering gray patches in hair, which claimed would rinse out with shampoo.
will this work to dye a full head of thick, multi-colored hair or will it stain/look ridiculously fake?
and does mousse amke your hair go hard like hairspray or make it clump together, stays wet, etc
should i buy it and try it out on a small section of one of the white-ish highlights and see if it does work? (if it doesn't, i'll have only dyed less than an inch and will simply cut it off)
or is it as simple as i can't dye my hair black?

thank you instructables :D


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Best Answer 8 years ago

I guess so it is basically a hair dye. These mousse dyes work for m better half (I have pure white hair now what is left so I have no personal experience :-)


8 years ago

I would go with trying a small test patch. That is really the only way to know if it will work the way you want it to. Best of luck!