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win 7 install on new hard drive with no installation DVD Answered

I have a new hard drive for my laptop and need to install win 7 on it, as was previously installed on the old one. Being an OEM machine, it did not come with an installation disk so I either have to try and extract it from the old hard drive, or get a pirated copy.

Is it possible to simply mirror the drive onto the new one, or will it require a DVD installation?

I have the facilities to copy the drive while it is still in the laptop.

Can the activation key from the genuine pre-installed windows be used with a pirated copy to make it work without any of the "windows genuine notifications"


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Nostalgic Guy
Nostalgic Guy

10 years ago

Both Seagate & Western Digital provide free tools to copy your entire drive OS & all to a new drive, they often come bundled with their hard drives.
Seagates tools can be found here:-


And Western Digitals here:-


I have used them both many times with great success.
I see no reason why they would not work with Windows 7 & after all the worst that can happen is you waste an hour or two.

I can't speak for Windows 7 but most Microsoft OS protection is designed to allow hard drive replacement & re-installation in the original machine.
Have you contacted the machine manufacturer or Microsoft for advice?

What make is the laptop? most manufactureres include a facility to create installation disks from the drive to enable owners to do just what you want to do.
As far as using a pirate copy you may have mixed success with that, your best bet would be to try to obtain a genuine copy on disc of the exact version you have on the machine.

Lithium Rain
Lithium Rain

10 years ago

IIRC, it will require a DVD installation - mirroring won't work.

Hm. I _think_ as long as you have a valid genuine key (you may have to "unhook" it from the first machine somehow, but honestly I don't know how or whether to deactivate a windows license), any installation will work - but I don't know that.