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wireless monitor Answered

Hi all,

I'm in for my first topic: i'll get a new pc soon, and I wanted do install a 2nd monitor, not far away from my bed, so it would be easy to watch films. The pc would stand in the same room. Is there an easy way to connect an (old) tv, or a monitor (wireless) to your pc?


PS, I'm from Belgium, so sorry for my English ;)


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9 years ago

Hi there,
Although I am in Egypt, I can tell you that there is no problem with your English :)

To answer your question, yes, you can connect another computer to your current one to be used as an external display/monitor wirelessly using your home network.

What you would need:
- 2 computers (2 Windows, 2 Macs, or 1 Mac and 1 Windows)
- Home network (your wireless home network)
- Software

The software:
1) If both of your computers are using Windows OS (operating system), then check MaxiVista

2) If one or both of your computers are using Mac OSX, then check SystemRecycler or AirDisplay.
html http://avatron.com/apps/air-display

3) And if you have an iPad, iPhone, or an iPod, you can use any of them as an external display using AirDisplay.

Hope that answers your question :)