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wiring and charging 2 3s1p lipo batteries in series? Answered

If i wire three 3s1p lipo battery packs in series, does it become a 6s2p battery and can I charger the 2\three batteries in that form(series).

This is for a electronic long board battery.

I would be using three zippy compact 5000mah 3s1p 11.1volt batteries.  Im want the total mah to be 5000 and output voltage to be 33.3.
therefore the wirng like this would work but im not sure if i can charge it in series with 1 charger or if i have to charge them all seperatly if wired in series. 



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3 years ago

I only added LiPolys parallel up to now to gain a higher capacity and I always charge them separate! But in general using them in series is no problem.

Then I am a bit confused with your numbers: do you want to use 2 or 3 LiPolys in series? Based on your last statement of 33.3 volts I guess 3. So why/how do you thing of 6s2p? First "p" stands for "parallel". A 6s2p would be a pack with 12 cells, where always 2 cells are parallel and each of this pairs would have one balance port. There is no way of archiving this with your config. So you could call it 9s1p (3 times 3sp1 in series). But always charge them one at a time! In theory you could combine all three 4-pin balance connectors to one 10-pin connector, but since you are not really knowing what you do (no offence intended!), just don't do it! If you are doing something wrong it can blow up! Lipos are dangerous.

Since I never used more than 3s1p LiPolys I cannot tell you if there is an ECS for 9s. And you want to use use one to control your motor I guess. And to prevent deep discharge, because that would kill your LiPolys...

I hope that helped a bit. Maybe you are willing to post some circuits / parts that you will use in addition, then we could help you a bit more.

Kind Regards,