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wiring diagram for single phase, reversible, 120 volt motor on a Cutler Hammer 9441H37B "O" controller? Answered

I am restoring a 1935 South Bend 16 metal turning lathe.  The original motor was a three phase 480 Volt reversible motor which was operated by the Cutler Hammer 9441H37B  "O" series controller.  I do not have three phase electrical power at my current shop.  I do have a new 110/220 volt, 1.5HP, reversible motor on hand and would like to control it with the current C/H controller and utilize the reversible option on 110 volt power.  I have wired the motor once and it ran well and reversed, however, the motor heats on one end after running for a few minutes.  It is possible I have either a fault in the circuits or I think it is more probable I have wired the motor so that the starting circuit remains energized which would also cause the heating after a few minutes of operation.  I need to know a method or determining the correct wiring diagram for the combination.  
There are six wires on the motor, (T1) blue, (T2) white, (T3) orange, (T4) yellow, (T5) black, and (T)8 red.  There is also a grounding connection which I have connected to the gounding connection of the controller. The controller knob has three positions, left, center(straight up) and right.
The continuity of the controller connections is as follows;

Left Position of controller knob     Center Position of controller knob     Right Position of controller knob
(I do not know whether the left or right position of the knob is forward, since the lettering is worn away)

 9             8              7                             9              8             7                    9              8             7

 6             5              4                             6              5             4                     6             5             4

 3             2              1                             3              2             1                     3              2             1
 Knob end  (left position)                Knob end  (center position)                  Knob end   (right position)  

 Continuity of controller                     Continuity of controller                        Continuity of Controller

        7, 8, 6                                                    7, 6                                                     7, 5, 6
        4, 5, 9                                                    4, 9                                                     4, 8, 9
        1, 2, 3                                                    1, 3                                                     1, 2, 3


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6 years ago

This may help explain how motor wiring is worked with a buried node.

You may want to draw what you think you have.