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wiring my subwoofers to amplifier? Answered

4 Ω x 2ok i have a  JBL amplifier 

and a pair of pioneer dual coil subwoofer with impedence 4 Ω x 2  ( http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/Subwoofers/Champion+Series+PRO/TS-W3002D2|D4 )
i'm not sure if it will work just fine if i connect the 2 subs to the amp at 2ohms each, because i wired it to make a 8ohm impedence on each sub and works just fini!!!
but  i'm not satisfied with the output power

will it work fine if i connect both subs at 2ohms impedance(set the coils in parallel on each sub) on each sub to the amplifier????

don't worry about the power delivery, i have a 2X10farad capacitors, and a 55AH battery installed in the car


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