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wooden deck lift system? Answered

is there a simple method for making a pulley/lift mechanism for hauling up groceries, firewood, deck furniture, etc. from ground to 2nd story? needs to be off-set from deck rail by 2 feet. hand cranked? thanks.



1 year ago

I need a diagram of a simple and cheap hoist system to haul grociers up to 2nd floor on deck to the kitchen. we are in our 70's and can't handle the stairs any more. can any one help?


4 years ago

I was trying to find something to help me get firewood up my outdoor steps or on the side of them to the door so I can more easily get the wood in for the winter. I'm 74 and this is no easy task. But so far, no luck. And northern girl, I couldn't open your link....


6 years ago

I was looking for the same thing! Just came across this little crane:
It's manual, uses a lever just like a car jack. It extends outward and swivels around.
In the comments, there's someone who's already using it to haul firewood onto their deck (although he attached an electric winch - a grande idea).
I'm going to check it out!

Jack Robinson

7 years ago

I would suggest you approch this carefully, since you are essentially going to attempt to build a dumbwaiter or material lift. The company's who manufacture these lifts spend a lot of time and money engineering lifts that are safe. Believe it or not, a lot of accidents happen from these types of products. It is important to get something that will not get you sued (or worse- hurt someone) if you have guests over to your house. You may want to look into an enclosed dumbwaiter as previously suggested or an Outdoor Elevator by Precision Lift Industries (www.precisionliftindustries.com). This is by far the best outdoor elevator or outdoor deck lift on the market. It doesnt need an enclosure and is safe for passengers, and is made entirely of aluminum. Elevator concepts (www.elevatorconcepts.com) builds a good dumbwaiter that you may be able to get factory direct. Precision Lift Industries may even be able to sell you the parts to put your own dumbwaiter together that will be 100 % safe.
Just my thoughts...hope it helps.