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woodworking help? Answered

In woodworks class we are turning pens and pencils. We are also making boxes to hold them in but I am trying to find an alternate to the style of box the rest of the class is making. I have found another style I like but I am not sure how I would make it. Our shop has a lot of tools so I don't think  finding the right tool should be a problem. Below I have attached pictures of the style I have chosen. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!



5 years ago

to change the subject, I have a piece of a maple tree cut down 3 yrs ago. I applied some old latex paint to the cut ends to prevent splitting (I think this was helpful). I would like to locate someone in my area or close by that could saw it down for me. Am looking to make a rectangular-like side table for inside. I am located in Pitt Meadows, B.C., Canada

Thanks, Chris


8 years ago

This is a fairly easy project to construct. There are actually 4 pieces of wood in this box. The 2 distinctly different colored outside pieces are cut to shape with a band saw or coping saw. Once they are cut to rough shape, clamp them together and sand the edges ensure they are exactly the same size and shape. The pen holder section can be made with two pieces of wood that have been grooved with a round router bit. Again, cut both pieces and clamp them together and sand all sides to make sure they are exactly the same. Use a router table or jig to make sure that the pockets are cut uniform in length and distance apart. One of the grooved pieces is then cut in two at an angle as shown in photo #4. It looks like they were cut into a 3/4 sized piece and a 1/4 sized piece. The shorter piece is glued to the full sized piece to form the pockets for the pens. Make sure the angled is facing away from the full sized pocket section. The longer (3/4 sized) section can then be sandwiched (glued) between the two outside edge pieces to form the stationary part of the box. The pocket section it pinned in between the bottom of the outside edge pieces to form a hinged section (two small brass brads should work). You will probably want to pre-drill hols for the brads to prevent splitting the pocket section. When rotated, the angled shorter section of the pocket should align with the angled cut on the longer piece to close the box.


Answer 8 years ago

The only thing I would add is that the pen holder portion should be split like book matched material, use a core box router bit to make the grooves and use blind dowelling for the hinged part.


8 years ago

You'll need a band saw, router and round bit, drill with the same size bit as the router bit and some other things.

The a band saw can be used to cut out the main shape of the parts.

If you look very closely at the bottom of photo 4 you can see that the "blind" holes where the pens fit into were made by drilling thru the bottom of the piece and then filling the holes with matching wood. Then the slots can be finished by using the router. It's going to be hard to make it look good unless you use some sort of custom build guide system.

If you look very closely at an enlarged version of photo #4 you can see that there are plugged holes in the bottom.

These holes should be drilled before cutting out the holder portion so that both halves match.


8 years ago

why not make a roll top box - Its not as difficult as you may think. Search for wood roll top desk to see how it works.


8 years ago

You would want a router, or wood-carving gouges to create those shapes.