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would like to build a CNC machine the would be able to cut identical patterns in vinyl fabric. Answered

Hello , I own an automotive upholstery shop.  I would like to start mass producing customs seat cover.  In order to do so i need a machine that can cut identical patterns from vinyl and sometimes leather. I'd like to be able to scan the pattern (a cardboard template) and the CNC machine make the clean and precise cuts to the fabric. Could someone please help me!!!



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9 years ago

There are a number of CNC machines in instructables - try a search or look to the right>>>>

Most are fairly light weight and if your thinking of using it commercially I would strongly suggest you look around at commercial machines that will do the job rather than think of building one. The savings in time, effort and failed experiments will most likely repay the cost of a commercial product.

CNC vinyl cutters are plentiful and shoud I would think cut leather. The normal way to work is to combine the CNC system with a CAD system - scan or draw the patterns in the CAD system and send the data to the CNC.

As an alternative you could consider a laser cutter although for a given size the vinyl cutter will be cheaper and maybe faster.


The URL above will give you plenty of food for thought.