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would this be a good skateboard and area to skateboard? Answered

today i got into skateboarding agian. im wondering if this is a good skateboard and area to skateboard. my mom thinks she got it at walmart. this was about 2 or 3 years ago. the wheels seem heavy and don't keep spinning. the board seems ok. there is an area as you can see that has grip tap comeing off a bit.  the area. i have enough room to skateboard but i its not long enough for me to get good speed and keep going. once i get good speed i have to stop unless i want to go into the gravel which would hurt. if you can answer this that would be good. (sorry it's so long)


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9 years ago

The skateboard isn't too bad. Wal-mart boards are good to get started on because they are cheap. I learned on a wal mart board and I had a tiny spot to skate in too. Just set your board on the ground and steep back and then run and jump on it and you will go pretty fast. Just jump off your board right when you hit the gravel and you should be set. Good luck