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xbox through centurion ppbdvd8 portable dvd player Answered

i have a centurion ppbdvd8 dvd player, it has both input and output audio and dideo plugs, red white and yellow, when i turn my xbox on the sound plays through the dvd player but i can't seem to get the video to work, the cables are plugged into the output plugs, the audio wont work in the input... help would be apriciated thanks in advance


Joe Martin

10 years ago

Does the unit have a remote and does the remote have an AV button on it as I know of many portable dvds where there no no physical switch on the unit for dvd/av so instead this is operated by remote.

AbertonJoe Martin

Answer 10 years ago

G'day, Not sure if this is the right place to ask but, you said that many portable dvd players have no physical video input/output switch but you can use the remote to change it. I have a portable dvd player like this and Im wondering if i can add a switch or permanently make the port input only as the remote doesnt always work.

The Rusted WorkmanJoe Martin

Answer 10 years ago

yes it has a remote with a dvd/ av button but ive already tried it, and it didn't work :S thanks for helping though if you have any other suggestions then ill be glad to try them :D