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xmega event-based IRCOM? Answered

The IRCOM module has a capability of connecting to the uart not through a standard pin, but through the event system. This should make it possible to get IrDA input data for the IRCOM module from a pin other than standard or alternate RX pin for that uart.  But I haven't had much luck getting this facility working.  Has anybody used it?  Google shows nothing.

I am actually getting data, but it's not the data that is being sent via IrDA.

I think my problem may be that I don't know which events to configure the event system for.  I've tried the following:
  • low level
  • high level (i.e., low level + invert pin)
  • rising and falling edges
  • rising and falling edges with inverted pin
With each of these, the IRCOM system does get data to the uart, but the data is not correct (and it's not consistent, either--the same IrDA packet generates different outputs at different times).

Is a clock needed?

Any thoughts?


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