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y should you use a pump in small hydroponics??? not needed in most cases? Answered

most small setups are keeped in the house where you stay. so a small sprayer is all you need if you keep your plants on top of a plasic sheet with water and clay pebels. a good layer of clay ball socked in water with the plants on top is not going to cause root rot. you can use plant pots or rockwool cubes and dosen`t mater if you don`t spray them everyday..
a heaing pad under the hole thing is also a good idea . the heat will cover a larger area by gently heating the water also this way is perfect for seedling just cover with a clear plastic sheet. humidity from the heating pad under the sheet will act as a heated propergater.
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8 years ago

no, not really
just me jabbering on with my self
just there is such a lot of hydroponics systems on here that are over kill.
il put this down as a instructable one day to show my findings


8 years ago

This isn't a question then?