Imagine the home of 2025. How will robots assist you with everyday tasks in and around the house? The field of robotics is advancing quickly to support our busy lives proving that robots are fast becoming part of our daily reality.

Autodesk and GE Appliances® are looking for a few innovative robots before 2025 that will help run a modern home. Design the robot of the future today in the Autodesk Design for Robotics Challenge. Entrants have the chance to win a new Apple MacBook Pro, a VEX  Robotics kit, or a SpaceMouse Pro--all tools to help you advance your 3D modeling skills!

Winning entries will be chosen by engineers and designers from GE Appliances, and the top three designers will also receive virtual mentoring sessions and a design review session with a judge from GE Appliances.

Create an original ROBOT FOR IN OR AROUND THE HOME design with your CAD tool of choice, or quick-start your robotics design with an Autodesk Fusion 360 start file. This is meant to be your concept and you are not required to design the electronics or every small detail, but please use the text field to tell us about your intent with this design.  You may include the embed code from YouTube if you choose to submit a video too.

For those looking for a CAD package to use: Fusion 360 is free for students and works on both Mac and PC. Get access to the start file provided here. All entries must contain a 3D model file plus a render of the file. Additionally, you have the option to submit a description or a YouTube video about your design. To participate you must be at least 13 years old and a student.  See Official Rules for details.

Note: You may submit more than one render, but your CAD file must be a single file.  Assemblies and .ZIP files will not be counted.

The Design for Robotics Contest 2017 is closed.

Grand Prize


Judges Prize: Fusion 360 (1)

Macbook Pro 13 inch MPXT2LL
a prize pack including an Autodesk T-shirt

Grand (1)

MacBook Pro 13" MPXV2LL
a prize pack including an Autodesk T-shirt

First (3)

Vex Robotics Starter Kit with Controller
SpaceMouse Pro
a prize pack including an Autodesk T-shirt

Second (10)

SpaceMouse Pro
a prize pack including an Autodesk T-shirt

Runner Up (15)

a prize pack including an Autodesk T-shirt

Upload Design

Upload a design to enter by clicking "Enter Now!" on the contest page. Design entries must be published between Aug 22, 2017 and Oct 26, 2017 (11:59pm PT) to be eligible. Once published, the designs will be entered in the contest.

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Entries are accepted by Instructables staff within one business day Monday - Friday. What matters is the submission time, not acceptance time.


Instructables members can vote for an entry during the contest plus 3 days after the contest closes.


A panel of judges made up of Instructables staff and respected members of the community rate the finalists. The averages of the ratings determine the winners.


When the winners are decided they will be announced here on the contest page. All entrants will be notified when this happens.