Has anyone done a Tofu instructable yet?

Has anyone done an instructable on how to make tofu? I found a bunch on recipes using tofu but nothing on making it from scratch. I make tofu from dried soy beans at least twice a week. The only other ingredient is epsom salt and water. Half way through you can stop and you've got yourself soy milk. It would take me some time to put one together as I would want to make sure it was perfect with nice photos. Unless of course this has been done. Is there anyway to check for sure?

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I Declare...

I'm kind of new to this gig but I feel like I've done okay.  I think I might make all of my instructables once I hit 10,000 views.  I'll have one happy family when this day comes.  Hurrah!

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cod liver

Had a fine can of cod liver in its own oil. Found it to be quite nice and mild in taste and in texture. I spread it on crackers but it made me wonder if there were any other good ways of making snacks and or other foods using the liver. Does any one else know of other ways to use the cod liver and the oil? Thanks.

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Clarifying recipes by showing our country

Hello, I've noticed after perusing just a few candy Instructables that some confusion comes from the fact that Instructables is an awesomely international site. It seems like lots of comments come from all over the world with questions when brands and particularly obscure ingredients are mentioned. I wondered if showing what country people who comment live in, that those in the same country can especially help, and that it might make for interesting discussion to learn about our different food cultures and available ingredients. What do y'all think?

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Sandwich Contest Winners (Finally!) Announced!

The Votes are in! Sorry it took me so long, I kind of held the contest right when school was starting and I was moving... Anyway, here are the winners! For 1st, we have Scoochmaroo's Ice Cream Sandwich. In 2nd, we have Branonls's Bacon Queso Sandwich. 3rd place goes out to Laxap with his Surprise Bread. Runners up with the most views (not including 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winners) is Edsobo's Tasty Vegan Vegetable Panini. I will be contacting the winners through PM, and will try to send out the prizes ASAP. Congrats to all the winners!

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Honeyed Almonds

I have been making my own honeyed almonds for years now... and the way I make them I usually get a very shiney looking almond, something like this one I have been trying to get them to look and taste more like this one How do you reckon they do it? I have tried roasting the almonds after they have been soaked in honey... I've tried adding brown sugar when they are cooling... Im just not sure what to do... Do you think its the type of honey used? I usually use a clear runny type... Hmm... let me know :) Cheerio Jay

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Non Milk Cream for allergies

Hello everyone, I have a peanut like allergy to MILK.. and all its parts, all 35 parts, eg. Whey A lot of recipes call for Milk, to make cream like cream of Potato & Corn soup, or creamy mashed potatoes.  There is a vegetable oil based whipping cream that tastes good, but, does not cook at all (I tried) so what can I do to make creamy soups, stews etc, that call for milk, cream etc.? Soya Milk (just a name) , does not churn into butter or cream very well at all. Unless you use the brand called Silk, which is the best for coming close to the milk feel and taste, but it does not become creamy either. Almond Milk as well does not become creamy, so what to do? As a side topic, how about Cheese, what is a good substitute for that? Thanks everyone in advance for at least looking at this topic.

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Please tell us, why you love bananas.

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CHOW/Instructables Thanksgiving Recipes Contest Winners Announced

The winners for the CHOW/Instructables Thanksgiving Recipe Contest have been announced! Congratulations to the winners, and a special thanks to everyone who entered.  Really great work. The winners list premiers on CHOW today, and will be posted on Instructables.com later in the week. Congratulations again, and we look forward to running more contests with CHOW in the future! see the winners now!

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Fondant vs. Frosting

Do you prefer fondant or frosting? I personally don't know which one is the best for cake decorating.

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sugar syrup

I made candied citrus peel truned ot good but have a about a pint of syurp left [ with 500g of sugar and water] what can i use the syrup for apart from a fruit salad. please help.

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Whats up forum,  I need the best cookies recipe on this site, Think you could help me? :) Thanks All  Bye!

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frozen yoghurt

Can you use home made frozen yoghurt or ice cream in a soft serve machine?

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Hot Cookie Lava Cake Dough

I've been making chocolate lava cakes and they start to get boring after a while. I'm going to try to bake soft cookies now to see if I can find a cookie recipe with a soft cookie texture so does anybody know any things where instead of just pure chocolate I can make a cookie crusting for the chocolate lava cakes? Just a small amount to press against the sides and bottom. Usually serve it with vanilla ice-cream.

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Peep Experiments

Peeps. The fun, delicious little marshmallow chick, bunny, snowman, pumpkin, etc. that we get on Easter (or near Easter for the people who don't celebrate it.) But after Easter, when you have so many of them, what do you do with them? I know you can eat them or explode them in the microwave, but I need is a better idea. Have any?

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Technial Difficulties.

Sorry I haven't ended the sandwich contest yet, some of the judged haven't responded, and I'm out of people to judge. I have Gotten replies from two of them, and have sent several PM's to the other 3. I am trying everything, just give me a day or two, and I should have the votes. I am still here, I haven't forgotten about you!

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homemade pizza with it's dough

Pizza dough ingredients: 1 1/2 cups warm water 2 tbsp. sugar 1 1/4 oz. packet of dry yeast 1 1/2 tsp. salt 2 tbsp. olive oil 4 cups white all purpose flour Instructions: Pour the warm water in a larger mixing bowl. Add the sugar & package of yeast. Stir the mixture slowly until yeast & sugar are dissolved. Let sit to allow the mixture to "mature" for about ten minures or so. the mixture will begin to react; clouding & forming a foamy "head" on the surface of the mixture. Add the salt & olive oil & stir again to combine & dissolve the ingredients. Add 1 cup of flour & whisk in until dissolved. Add the 2nd cup of flour & whisk it in. Add the 3rd cup of flour & combine. By now the dough mixture should be fairly thick. Add the last cup of flour & with your hands,beginto combine & knead the dough And now you have you pizza dough finished so you will be first putting on your pizza sauce & baking it at 400% in you oven for 10-12 minutes after the dough tures to be alittle thicker then take it out of the oven a put on cheese  & if you want to you may go ahead & put on any kind of toppings that you like then put it back int the oven for about 6-8 minutes or undil it turns alitte brown. Then you may take it out & eat after you cut it.

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BBQ Contest

No BBQ contest this year? Last years was so much fun.

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Dalek Cake

This Dalek cake by Stacked Cakes in Australia is deliciously epic. It is 22" tall and weighs over 40 pounds. That's a lot of Dalek-y goodness right there. Check out the link for more pics of the cake and the build process. Daleks and Birthdays via CRAFT

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Rainbow Cake

This rainbow cake is a labor of love and sweetness. Getting all the colors right and laying down all that frosting takes some serious time and effort. If you want to learn how to make one for yourself or someone special, follow the link below for the details.Say it with Cake... via Neatorama

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Call for Mac & Cheese Recipes!

Homeroom is a specialty Mac & Cheese restaurant opening soon in Oakland.  Even better, they're running a mac and cheese recipe challenge!  You don't have to be local to enter (or win), and the best recipes will be included in their upcoming cookbook.  I suggest posting your mac'n'cheese Instructable, then sending along the link as your entry - we'd like to see what you've made, too! Details from the Homeroom website: The winning dish will be selected from a group of 10 finalists, who will be invited to show off their mac and cheese at cook-off party held right here in Oakland. But don’t worry out-of-towners, if we choose your recipe one of us will cook it up for you. But there’s a catch. For your recipe to qualify for the grand prize or for a spot in the cookbook, you must follow a few simple rules: * You must use only California cheeses in your mac and cheese. * All recipes must be based on 1 pound of dried pasta. * The retail cost of all your ingredients must equal or be less than $20. This includes pasta, milk, butter, flour, cheeses and whichever veggies or meats you decide to include. * Email your entries topmac@homeroom510.com no later October 15, 2010. Be sure to include your name, contact info, and a detailed recipe, including brand-names. * Gluten-free and vegan recipes are welcome and encouraged!

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Vote for my meatloaf on a stick. I've never won anything. hahaha

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Too Bad It's Too Late for Stuff on a Stick

Just found this by way of the latest Probably Something You Would Like post on the Fiberfarm.com blog: http://www.urbandaddy.com/nyc/food/10989/The_Hopsicle_Experience_Introducing_the_Beer_Popsicle_New_York_City_NYC_East_Village_Restaurant

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Star Wars cupcakes

Flickr user lclllc makes some detailed cupcakes with pop culture themes. This Star Wars one is excellent, but check out the photostream for many more great cupcakes and cakes. lclllc's photostream via CRAFT

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Iceblast! aka best fizzy slushy

Hi, i was wondering if anyone could help me. I have decided that as much as I love Iceblast (tango) that you get at the cinema, I can't keep buying them. So I have decided to venture into the  world of indistructables. The way I see it, it should be possible to recreate the conditions of a slushy machine with the following: Freezer A Motor A mixing stick a bottle to contain the pre-slush pre-slush(for testing will be juice) Basicly the motor will poke through the bottle lid stiring the pre-slush as it freezes. Can anyone offer any advice, precations or adjustments? thanks. :D

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Cupcake Gifts

A two in one reuse and cooking project. Fill an old glass jar with cupcakes and frosting...I think YES! I'm always trying to think of easy to make gifts.  These Mason Jar Cupcakes are perfect gifts for co-workers, a sick friend, or just to say thanks.

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Iskiate/Chia Fresca/ Chilly Chia help

So im working my way through a couple pages of "Born to run" (Christopher McDougall), read it, and be inspired. Anyway, thers some short jibjab about a seemingly magical drink called Iskiate. "Home made Red-Bull" the recipe calls for "Chia" seeds. where can i get some real fresh chia seeds and a lagite recipe to boot

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solidified honey

Is it normal for raw honey in a plastic bottle to solidify (candied)?  What can I do about that? Is it easy to eat candied honey?

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Sous Vide for $20

Sous vide is a cool way of cooking foods at low temperatures for a long time that makes the flavors more intense as a result. Even the cheapest setup for this is about $150 if you already have a rice cooker or crock pot lying around. Serious Eats has explored this territory before with success and now has a method for doing this with nothing but a simple beer cooler and some ziploc bags. To do it you need to fill up your cooler with water a couple degrees higher than your target temperature. Then just drop in ziploc bags with your meat inside. Wait an hour or two and voila! Cheap sous vide. This method only works for a couple hours so it won't help you cook your ribs for 48 hours, but but does give you an introduction to the technique and help you decide if you want to go for the full setup. Cook Your Meat in a Beer Cooler: The World's Best (and Cheapest) Sous-Vide Hack  via kottke

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Beer, brewing, bottling, and CO2

This started as an unrelated comment thread on a post about freezing blueberries. It seems like such a great topic I created this forum for it. Brewers? Ideas? Beergnome: I do it for a living ;) we force carbonate as a rule. we only naturally carbonate for special order casks. our economy of scale doesn't allow otherwise.. fezrock it is possible to create a counter pressure rig for judging bottles for your homebrew, I'm sure there is an instructable for it,, if not there should be. it requires you creating an envelope of CO2 in the bottle, then having a T rig that will take the beer under pressure in the bottle with counter pressure of CO2 to keep the dissolved CO2 in the beer in solution. Its a bit of work, but if you care about competition at all. a clean bottle always bumps up the score. Fezrock: Nice career! I'm still quite the novice, but practice makes better! As to your question, I haven't seen anything like it. Topping the bottle out with CO2 would help the end product, but wouldn't do much for pressure loss. Nitrogen would be similar, but whichever is the heavier gas (not sure) would be marginally better for this lo-tech solution. On a small scale, if a sealed environment could be created to fit your capper around your cap, more gas pressure could be applied. I imagine an upright lever capper would be needed to work that out. Thanks for that idea seed! On a larger scale, if you could cap in a larger chamber, you could set the CO2/N2 pressure in the chamber to whatever you needed it to be. This would also give you space to insert your brew without introducing air. Or just overcarbonate the brew to make up for carbonation loss to outgassing. Crazy idea: add a small amount of dry ice without freezing the brew. (you don't need leftover yeasts anyway!) It sounds like a fun experiment, and could be adjusted to suit your pressure needs.

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I need a kale recipe/s

Can any one kind enough point me to some nice green kale related recipes please? Preferably soup and or side dish related. Thanks.

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What is your favorite type of cheese?

C'mon, out with it!  What is your favorite type of cheese? I have 3 tied for first: Smoked Gouda, Feta, and Ricotta. What are yours?

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Sandwich Contest now Ended!

Okay, okay, I know it was supposed to end on the 24th, but I was busy, and didn't have time to post up a forum topic. It has now ended, and I inserted a date for me to choose judges. Only a couple more weeks!

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Wikipedia really is the source of all knowledge?

Well PKM and I were discussing the existence of Maxibon, a very tasty ice cream bar from Nestle which is hard to find, this was in the chatroom, which if you ever frequent you'll know how the conversations go in there. So a little while later I'm kicking about and take another gander at the wikipedia page about maxibon, all seems sensible, until I hit the flavours list, being a fan of powerthirst I instantly recognized these flavours, which some from the second of the two productions found here.Here's the strange excerpt, watch Powerthirst two for the full understanding of this strange addition... Maxibon is now available in several guises and flavours including SHOCKLATE and all new experimental flavour, GUN!Although the standard Maxibon flavour is refugee, several other limited edition flavours were introduced in the late nineties. Marketed as Maxibon asylum, the concept involved the actual flavour of the ice-cream remaining a mystery until the package was opened.In addition to the standard size, they are also available in snack sized servings in packets of six; these are substantially smaller than the traditional Maxibon.There is also a new release Maxibon Cookie, where the ice cream is in a round shape and covered in cookie dough.The page can be found here I know this isn't a big or new thing, I just found this a funny example of what can go wrong with the wiki societies.

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Wild Boar Hunt

This past weekend, Christy and I went a on wild boar hunt near Red Bluff, CA. We used a local guide called Catch 'Em Outfitters, and had one of the best weekend-vacations in a long time. In the end, we came home with over 100 lbs of wild pig meat. Christy had a blast gutting and field dressing all the animals -- surprising the guides -- and we've spent the past few days processing the meat ourselves making hams, chops, and sausage. There will definitely be a few new wild boar recipes, but probably no how to hunt or how to field dress a pig Instructables, unfortunately. Since most of our friends have read Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma and paid special attention to his description of a boar hunt, they have already started begging for meat. So far, I've made wild boar maple sausage, which, despite my feeling that it was a little too one-note with just maple syrup, still received a review of "I was not ready for how good that was going taste."There are more pictures of the hunt on my flickr collection of the weekend, but be aware that they show the full process of converting an animal to meat on the table. What follows below is my Yelp review of the hunting guide, and the experience in general:Catch 'Em Outfitters is a hunting guide service, and because of the extraordinary work of its owner, Jasen Mead, I brought home over 100 pounds of wild pig meat.I chose Catch 'Em because of Jasen's excitement to take a novice hunter out, and his willingness to let me use his rifles. I've hunted birds before, but for my first wild boar hunt, it was important for me to go with someone who was interested in teaching. Additionally, he encouraged my wife to come along as a non-hunter, and she ended up gutting the animals. He offered my choice of spot and stalk hunting -- where one tries to locate hogs with binoculars and local knowledge of where they might be feeding and bedding down -- or fair chase -- using well-trained dogs to find, flush out, and potentially hold down pigs. During my hunt, I had opportunities to fire at large boars using both methods.Catch 'Em offered as many as two morning hunts and one evening hunt for me to get a pig. As a novice, it took me all three times, but Jasen and his assistant, Ron Stone (who is also a fishing guide) never lost enthusiasm, and I'm pretty sure they stayed out longer and worked harder because they were so determined for me to have a successful first hunt. However, they were very clear in their understanding of the law, and had a firm set of ethics around hunting and conservation in general, so I felt comfortable that we were always doing the right thing from a variety of different perspectives. Bear hunting is Jasen's primary guiding business, and apparently his favorite type of hunt, but you'd never know it by the way he threw himself into my pig hunt. It's clear he just loves hunting, and teaching new people.Obviously, much of the preparation for a hunt like this falls on you: taking the hunters safety class, learning to handle firearms safely and accurately, getting all your documents in order (I bought two pig tags, and was glad I did because I used them both), and being prepared to run full-speed through ankle-deep mud in head-high tule marshes. Finding a good hunting guide is definitely chief among those set of preparations, and Catch 'Em totally delivered for me.

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The Sandwich contest entry deadline has been extended by a week!

Because of lack of entries, I am extending the sandwich contest by a week. So, get makin' some sammiches! When you are done, you can enter them into the Sandwich Group.

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free slurpee day^^

Free slurpees today make sure you grab one.. thats really all..

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My Favorite 5 Gum Flavor Ratings

These are the ratings of the 5 Gum Flavors by my opinion. 1-SOLSTICE 2-RAIN 3-LUSH 4-ZING 5-REACT FRUIT 6-ELIXIR 7-REACT MINT 8-COBALT 9-FLARE

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My Favorite 5 Gum Flavor

Hey, I've tried all 5 Gum flavors and my favorite honestly is SOLSTICE. I like all the flavors but I want to complement on some: COBALT-Peppermint is an old school flavor (but delicious) RAIN-Most Spearmint Gums don't taste as good as RAIN (Probably my 2nd best) FLARE-I'm chewing it now and I give it my lowest rating LUSH-Very fruity but SOLSTICE is a better mint flavor ELIXIR-Strong smell but very fruity (but SOLSTICE has a better mint flavor) SOLSTICE-Favorite flavor because it goes from cool to hot mint. It's like two peppermints in one! ZING-Weird name. Just like COBALT, Bubble Gum is old school. But, ZING does taste good in the beginning, but when it wears off it has no taste Both REACT flavors are just peppermint and a combined fruit flavor. There's nothing really good about them. It's a regular flavor.

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How to crowd-source the perfect cheesecake

Http://instructablesrestaurant.com There exists a strong believe that in due time, with the power of the principles of crowd-sourced knowledge, we will be able to create the perfect cheesecake. Or the perfect anything really. In fact to see if a crowdsourced Michelin star cheesecake is achievable we open up a cheesecake competition, starting from a few simple ibles shared on Instructables, and with the help of the tasting crowd. Feedback please!

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How do you like your meats?

How do you prefer your meats cooked? I like any kind of meat, including fish well done, sometimes to the point of drying it out a little. It's not the taste to me that I don't like about not completely cooked food. It's not some worry about bacteria or anything either. I just don't like the texture that you get, especially with fish and eggs.

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Sandwich Contest Now Open!!!

The sandwich contest is now open for entries! The group to enter your instructable in is located here, and instructable with all the info on it is located here. Good Luck!

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Bacon Plasma-torch!

Wasn't sure where to put this one. It uses food but it's not exactly a food use. It's just awesome on so many levels. The creator, Theo Gray, is a writer for Popular Science. He calls this a "bacon lance".  http://www.popsci.com/bacon   Check out the awesome video via Boing Boing

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Coming Soon- Sandwich Contest!

In around 2 weeks, I will be holding a sandwich contest! Much like Mikeasaurus's Dinosaur Contest, my sandwich contest will have real prizes, as well as digital patches. Only new Instructables may be entered in the contest, so wait until it is announced to post your Instructable. Enter your entries into the Sandwich Contest group when the contest opens. Everyone who joins the sandwich group that doesn't have an entry will be in a drawing to become a judge.  5 judges will be chosen. The judging criteria is: Appearance Originality Creative use of Ingredients Quality of Instructable Spelling Grammar Picture quality Good Luck! Let the sandwich making begin!

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Meat Free Mondays

San Francisco joins communities across the world in observing Meat-Free Mondays.  Too bad no one told us. Apparently back in April the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved legislation declaring the first day of the week meat-free Mondays, now known as Vegetarian Day or Veg Day. Supposedly, the legislation urges “all restaurants, grocery stores and schools to offer a greater variety of plant-based options to improve the health of San Francisco residents and visitors and to increase the awareness of the impact a green diet would be on our planet.” Consider awareness. . . unaffected. This seems like something that would be plastered all over San Francisco buses, sign posts, and veg-friendly shops.  Did I miss the flier at the co-op?  Probably.  Nonetheless, just as banning plastic bags took hold (uh, sort of), I'm sure the wave of Meat-Free Monday observers is sure to swell and sweep the city by storm.  I'll let you know when the falafel shop steals all the Monday business from the burger shop downstairs.  Actually. . .  it's the same shop.  So maybe they are onto something after all. via: the sf examiner  

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AT-AT wedding cake

What better way to start a marriage than an AT-AT cake that celebrates the Battle of Hoth?  Teresa Ulrich made this one for her friend, Rebecca  Dudeiros, and the results are great. It also comes with Ewok cupcakes. Wait a minute... Ewoks weren't at the Battle of Hoth! Awesome Star Wars Wedding Cake via Craft

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do you like kimchi?

Kimchi is a traditional Korean food, one of the types of pickled vegetables that are fermented spicy seasonings. Once salted and washed, mixed vegetables with shrimp seasoning made from krill, fish sauce, garlic, ginger and chili powder merah.Di Korea, kimchi is always served at meals as one of the most common type of Banchan. Kimchi is also used as seasoning during cooking kimchi soup (kimchi jjigae), kimchi fried rice (kimchi bokkeumbap), and various other dishes.

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Pancake crane from a pancake master

Pancakes are awesome just being their lovely fluffy selves, but others have found that they can also be a great way to express yourself as well. Here on Instructables we've seen them made in cool shapes and printed on, but the site Jim's Pancakes takes it to a whole new level with all sorts of creations Jim makes for his daughter like the crane below. Great stuff. Jim's Pancakes via neatorama

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Philly cheese steak

I think we need someone to add an instructable on a good recipe of Philly cheese steak!!!!!

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Too all Instructablonians: Rockin an awesome lunchbox? I wanna hear about it.

I currently don a teenie-tiny plastic brown-bag shaped lunch tote that barely fits an 8oz water bottle, sandwich, chips, and ice pack. I need something with a bit more room for food. At an impressive 5'3" and 105 lbs, I'm a growing man, and I need my fuel. But I don't want just some clearance-rack generic latest-movie/pop icon plastered lunchbox, no sir. I want an bullet-proof, high-capacity, industrial-strength lunch transportation system. Something that will make people say "Holy crap, that guy's a MAKER."  I want a lunch box that scores major cool points. Something that has character. Something that has features, like extreme insulation or something. Bottom line: it needs to be big, look cool, and last a long time. Price isn't an issue, Christmas is coming up :D So, ibles, how cool is YOUR lunchbox?

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