How do i make homemade instant drink powder?

Ive been trying new ideas for businesses and i finally landed on an untapped market. I need help getting a instant drink powder recipe to start it. SOMEONE HELPPPPP!!!!!

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Is there a way to preserve chocolate- as in for an art piece?

I make chocolate art pieces and I am looking for a way to mount one on a wall.  I put a couple of the pieces in an art show into plexiglass frames but they had to sit tabletop.  Maybe encased in resin, but I would need a cold resin so as not to melt the chocolate.  Below is a photo of some of my chocolate art I would like to preserve/encase and mount on the wall but I really don't know how! This photo looks wall-mounted but again, it was shot tabletop.

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How to fix Food Saver - Vacuum Sealer? Answered

I have a Food Saver brand Vacuum Sealer, that all of a sudden stopped working properly. It has no On-Off switch. You simply plug it in, and then put the bag up to the vacuum area and then press down and hold the lid when its vacuuming the air out and then seals the bag closed. When it stopped working, a vacuum bag was placed (as we normally would) and then the lid was put down and pressed. The motor is still running, but normally it makes a louder noise as its vacuuming the air out, and this time it didn't work. (No vacuum). Since it wouldn't vacuum the air, it then wouldn't also seal the bag.  I checked the single air hole on the unit, and there isn't anything obstructing the flow of air, and the bag was put properly in the machine. I also tried using a new bag (just in case the other one was defective) but it made no difference. All the bags come off a large roll. You seal one end, fill it, and then vacuum the air and finally it seals. I've been using this machine for several years with no issues, and this isn't a new roll of bags. Any ideas on what to do to service it and hopefully get it working again?

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Condensed soup or not?

Im making a vegetarian version of the recipe below.Its a casserole - type dish and calls for 2 10 oz cans of cream of mushroom soup to be added to the rest of the ingredients.It does not make any mention of using condensed soup, just says 2 10oz cans of cream of mushroom soup.Just curious for those have made this type of dish to confirm one way or the other as to what to add.

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How do you cut open a jack fruit

I bought a jack fruit that has been cut in half, how do I cuy it up ?

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Where can I get food grade epoxy/glue? Answered

Does anyone know where I could get some non-toxic food safe epoxy/glue? I need it for a project that deals with sealing things that comes in contact with food. Any replies are much appreciated! ,Thanks

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Definition to qualify for Pie Contest

Hi there,I unfortunately don't really understand the definition to qualify for the Pie Contest:"your pie must have a traditional pastry OR no-bake crust to qualify"So either I bake it, or I don't bake it, but what else could I do to get a pie which wouldn't be allowed to enter? Greetings, bine

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Bread Recipe using Vodka

I cannot find the recipe that I just saw two days ago regarding making whole-wheat bread or bread with vodka. I wish I could find it but I just can’t seem to locate it anywhere. I know I sought on this website so I would appreciate any help if there is anyone else that knows about this. Thank you very much

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My dog is obsessed with food how do i stop it??? Answered

I have a black Labrador and she is 5 and a bit months old but she is obsessed with food and wont stop wanting it. she isn't obese and we are walking her and playing with her. we are also feeding her the exact right amount. Help me :2(

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"Does rubbing alcohol affect plastic, how and what types?" Answered

I am hoping for someone to point me to research information. I am asking specifically about cleaning plastic water bottles and ice chests/coolers with rubbing alcohol. I was told that alcohol can deteriorate the plastic but I was hoping to know what types of plastic are affected by what types and concentrations of alcohol. Thanks

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is popcorn a veggie?

Well popcorn is made of corn right? well, does it count as a veggie then?

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Why an Instructables failed to publish?

Why there is the following error message when I tried to publish an Instructables: Your Instructable Failed to Publish.

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how do I cancel automatic re-subscription?

Question says it all

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I really want blue apples, how do I make blue apples? Answered

Is there any way to make blue apples? My Quest is to make blue apples that are not only blue but also taste good I will not stop until I succeed!!! P.S. If I succeed on my own I will share with everyone the secret of blue apples!

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Baking contest not enterable?

Hi everyone, the baking contest seems to be offline. I entered my instructable (more than once) but I didn't receive the email telling me that my entry was received. Since there is only one entry in the contest so far I am thinking I might not be the only one. Could you look into this please?Cheers

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License: NONE: All Rights Reserved... why?

I've seen this on numerous recipe Ibles.  What purpose does this serve?

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What ingredient in this tea makes it taste sweet? Cinnamon? Cloves? Nutmeg? Answered

Bengal Spice tea made by Celestial Seasonings tastes sweet when brewed without a sweetener.  It's so sweet you could convince a taster that a fair amount of sweetener was already added to their cup.  The listed ingredients are:  cinnamon, roasted chicory, roasted carob, natural spice and vanilla flavors with other natural flavors, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cloves and nutmeg.  The box lists 0 calories and 0 grams of carbohydrate indicating no sugar.  Further, since the second infusion also tastes sweet, I doubt they "neglected" to list an ingredient such as sugar or stevia, which would tend to fully dissolve in the first infusion.  What ingredient is making the tea taste sweet?  Why isn't that ingredient used to sweeten other drinks?

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Where's a good place to buy alfalfa seeds online? Answered

My brother and I are attempting to sprout alfalfa seeds for a healthier diet, but we can't find a good place to order the seeds online. please help?

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Does anyone know how to dry a liquid to make a powder?

 I want to make stevia powder out of a concentrated stevia liquid? To store it longer and to use it in dry tea mixtures and so on.

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Food Saver V3230 Vacuum Sealer Repair Inquiry

I have a Food Saver V3230, the top rubber gasket over the liquid tray inside came loose. The manual says to contact customer service, anyone had a similar experience, know how to repair? Thank You

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Guide for mixing frosting colors?

I need a chart to guide me in mixing red with blue, green with yellow, etc. to make different colors.  I am especially in need of mixing combination for black frosting.

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To transform liquid extraction into powder?

I would like to transform liquid extraction (reishi, shiitake and maitake mushroom) into powder to be capsule for storage and more controlled measured dosage. Is it possible also without fillers?

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Someone Pinched My Instructable? What Can I do?

Someone pinched my instructable ( and put it on their own website as theirs! ( What can I do about it? I want it taken down!

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I'm using a can of cherry topping for the top of my cheesecake is there anything i need to do first?

Can i use cherry pie filling on top of my cheesecake or is there anything else i should put first ,its a cheesecake that I'm putting whip cream around the edges with shavings of chocolate and the cherry pie filling I'm using on top pretty much first time any tips i already read about the info on how to avoid cracking while baking thank you

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When i click submit for my instructable it doesnt work why is that? Answered

 There is always a red box that says try again later something went wrong so i keep trying later and it keeps doing that what do i do

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How to convert starch into glucose? Trying to make sweet rice- or oat-milk.? Answered

Hi! I am trying to make rice milk or oat milk , and I need to know how I can convert the starches in those grains into glucose to make the result  taste sweet... I don´t want to add any sugar...

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Anyone know how to make a hokkaido style milk/yogurt drink? Answered

Went on a trip to Hokkaido recently and there were a lot of drinkable yogurts available at nearly every 7i and Lawsons.  My favorite one is the one shown in this pic I read in a manga that takes place in a Hokkaido high school that you can make yogurt, i'm hoping the same drinkable type of yogurt, by combining milk and store bought yogurt in a container and then storing that at 40 degrees celsius for a couple hours.  The name of the manga is Silver Spoon, or Gin no Saji if you're wondering. Has anyone tried this method?  I know the normal method of making yogurt i'm just hoping this method is the method that makes it into that drinkable consistency similar to those drinkable yogurt drinks in Hokkaido. 

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Where to find quality, easy, clean, yet delicious finger-food snacks?

Hello, friends! I am looking for good quality snack foods that are easy to make and they must be (yes, must) delicious. Thank you.

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How to Build a Microwave boiler controlled by raspberry pi?

I am looking to build a milk boiler with in pH sensor to  study the quality of milk at various temperatures.

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Which are the best food for labrador puppy?

Please give me information about which food is best for labrador puppy

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How to flavour cotton candy?

Flavours like mint,cinnamon vanilla etc...i have a small cotton candy machine which is usually ok when i wanna make alot and recently i tried using cinnamon mixed with normal sugar and it just tastes like burned toast+burned marshmallows... does sprinkling the powdered flavours as the cotton candy is spinning have any effect on the flavour? how about liquid flavouring? 

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I haven't received my monthly snacks prize yet, is there something extra I should do?

I recently came third in the snacks contest. I got my Instructables prize pack with my apron and stickers, but how do I know if I'll get my monthly snacks prize? Is there anything extra I should do, or know about? Thanks,

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i am making an arduino automated mushroom climate control , i want to control the humidity of two rooms using relays?

Using arduino uno , pressure pump ,two solenoid valves  i want to control the humidity of two rooms . my planning that when the humidity of room no 1 falls below 80 the relay for pressure pump and the relay for that specific solenoid have to turn on and turned off if the humidity is above 90. The same procedure for the next room . As i am using single pressure pump for both rooms ...i am finding difficulties for reading two DHT11 and controlling three relay .....  

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Is it right to grow oyster mushrooms on cotton-seed & use Formalin + water for pasteurization?

Hello Rocketsurgery! It's my first time growing oyster mushrooms. I am using "cotton-seed" as a growing medium since it's the material I can find in my area. And for pasteurization, I add "Formalin" into water and soak it for 2:30- 3:00 hrs. This is how the instructors in my area told me.  Do you think I'm doing  it the right way OR  Do you have any suggestion on how I  should grow it better???

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How can I dehydrate lime or lemon juice to make a powder?

I'm interested in using dried lime juice powder in place of citric acid powder for things like dusting fruit leather to make sour fruit candy.  Can't you just leave some juice out in a shallow pan in the sun and then powder the result in the blender? 

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I made con queso it's way too hot how do I make it not so hot to eat?

Its made with jalapenos onions chilies and tomatoes  and velveta cheese the jalapenos made it way to hot this time how or what should I use to cool it down already added more cheese didn't help 

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Chlorella Cracking?

I have recently begun looking at algae as a dietary supplement and I would like to grow it on my own.  I am aware that spirulina doesn't require cell cracking; however I already have a high protein diet and I prefer chlorella.  Chlorella's cell wall is indigestable and this prevents our bodies from getting any more than 40% of the nutrients.  I would like to know if that figure sounds right.  The biggest problem I see with growing my own Chlorella is cracking it.  I wondered about pulverizing it in a blender or using the hot to cold method, but it seems all methods other than ultrasonic waves will destroy most of the nutrients.  Is it still better to use one of these methods to get the nutrients out, or would it be best to go uncracked.  Or is there a practical way to use the sound to do it.

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Being sponsored? Answered

What does this means? I live in Belgium & I know that I am not sponsored at all! I was featured 3 times today but in my last post it has been said that this post os sponsored content? Is there some benefit for me? This is Sophie from SophiesFoodieFiles. And this is the concerning post:

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Bacon problem (too dry)? Answered

I have had some trouble cooking bacon. When I bought thick sliced bacon, my roommate stored it in the freezer (I think this was the problem?). The next day I had to moved it down to the normal side, took like 3 days to become pliable. However, when I try to cook it, it become so dry but I don't know why. Here's what I did, I left the slices on the pan (without heat) for 10 mins, then I cooked on medium heat, flipped till they became golden brown, then I pick them up by chopstick and leave it in my dish. First the bacon still have a little grease on it, so it's glossy; but a few moment later, it turn bone dry, no grease, no gloss, no nothing. Can anyone tell what my error was? I'm still new to bacon so sorry. PS: I wasn't able to take any picture cause my roommate ate them all because he was too hungry....

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How can I keep microwave popcorn fresh?

I made some popcorn by i was wondering if i can put some in a ziplock bag for after football practice tomorrow. Any advice

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Smoker Racks?

I am building a Smoker out of Pine Lumber and would like to hear ideas on  What Metal would be best for Food Smoker Grill Racks?  Or would Wood be better ?

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Does anyone know what gauge aluminium is used for beer can walls? Answered

Hello,  I do not have any measuring equipment apart from my Helix shatterproof ruler. I've looked on the net for an answer and found : 0.025mm 0.10mm 0.00445mm 0.005" They vary so much that I would rather trust the opinion of an Instructable's type. Has anyone ever measured their can (especially Red Stripe) in an idle moment? Thank you. I did learn that they are ever so slightly thinner in the middle, though.

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My seal a meal won't stay sealed

I'm having issues with my seal a meal. Most of the time it will seal it just fine but other times it will look sealed but after it sits for a little bit it lets air in. Does anybody have any idea what the problem would be or have you had this issue? I'm really hoping it can be fixed and I don't have to buy a new unit.

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In a recipe instructable how do I give proper credit?

I have a recipe that I really like and on which I would like to do an instructable.  My question is about giving proper credit.  I looked around at some recipes on here and didn't see anything about giving credit.  So the recipe I want to use is a common basic one, but the one I use, I found on a blog.  So do I reference the blog in my instructable?  Is it different because I'm just teaching how to make the recipe?

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Is it possible to repair chips in dishes so they can be considered microwave and dishwasher safe?

I have dishes that have chipped edges on their underside from mishandling.  I use them in the microwave and dishwasher.  Should I apply a sealant to (help) prevent chemical contamination?  I cannot afford to replace them. Thank you for any help/suggestions you can give me.

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