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Spool of uncut drinking straw tubing, anyone know of a source? Answered

Im designing a system that would fill tubing with a syrup and then sealing the tube off into segments. Honey straws are an example. What Ive seen is people individually filling drinking straws and sealing each end. I think filling a long coiled tube and sealing it into segments is more efficient. Sort of sausage style if that makes sense. I know how everything will work except where to get a very long piece of drinking straw. Or if anyone has a recommendation for a tube I can use in place of this I would take the advice. Im not dead set on drinking straw, its just what everyone seems to use. Ive seen vinyl tubes online but those would impart a chemical flavor so I want to stay away from them.



4 years ago

Alibaba is a distributor of this. The quantities are huge, though. Good luck!


7 years ago

Drinking straws aren't made by cutting from a longer source; rather, they're made by extrusion, with the extruded tube cut immediate to the final length. You might try a search for "food grade tubing" and look for thin-wall, low-density polyethylene.