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Introduction: Cool Led Wii Wireless Sensor Bar

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Hello Everyone and Thank you for viewing my Instructable ,

Today I would like to so you my latest project , 
The Wii wireless sensor bar , 

the difference  between mine and others is a couple of features that give it that cool custom look ,

what it has ,
color changing led's aka RGB led's , they look great at nighttime , 
it glows in the dark , well the letters do anyway ,
it has an two switches to give you an option to have just the sensor or both sensor and Rgb led's ,
It is rechargeable ,
and its all into one slim case , 

so I'm going to show how you to can build your own ,

Step 1: Parts and Supply's

step one .
OK here's a list of things I used , 
Note some of the things here are from broken electronics that I had on hand and the others I had also ,
If you need help on were to find some of these parts feel free to ask ,

2 x Iphone 5 Hard Back Case Cover , this is what I used for the case , these were sent to me by mistake , 
and I don't have a iphone 5 , but there cheap to get if you go to 0.59 cents each , 
2 x IR led's , 
2 x RGB Led's aka color changing led ,
1 x blue led ,
1 x 470 resistor ,
1 x 1N4007  diode , this is optional , 
2 x switches , 
pcb board ,
wire ,
2 x 2.4 volt rechargeable battery pack , these where taken from a phone , as shown ,
6 volt power adapter and charge controller , this was taken from a phone charge cradle as shown ,
glow in the dark paint , 

glue gun ,
soldering gun ,
electric tape ,
epoxy , 

Note somethings I must say , I'm Not in anyway responsible for any damage or injury's that may happen ,
please take caution when using hot elements such as soldering guns / glue guns , 
so be careful have fun and use commonsense  , 
ok let head over to the next step .  

Step 2: Preparing the Battery Pack

ok lets start with preparing the battery packs , 
two must be come one ,
first thing you need to do is strip both leads on the battery packs ,
then what you need to do is take the positive from one pack and connect it to the ground on the other , as shown .
next solder what you've connected , then take a piece of electric tape and wrap the soldered connections , as shown 
then the next thing you what to do is tape the two battery packs together side by side , as shown 
once this is done you now can place the battery pack in one of the hard case's and use some hot glue to hold it in place ,

​ok on to the next step

Step 3: Prepare the Case and Led's

ok next thing were going to do is take the other hard case which will be the top and draw two holes for are IR led's , 

Then cut out the holes and hot glue your IR led's in place , 
once done on the other side of your case you should see two holes already there this is were your two switches are going ,
so take your two switches and put the slider through one hole and do the same with the other switch then hot glue in place ,
be careful not to get any glue inside the slider part of the switch , 

​moving on to the next step .

Step 4: Wiring and Soldering

above I have posted a diagram on where to connect the led's to make it a bit easier ,  
first take a piece of wire a solder it to both of your grounds on your IR led's ,
next solder another wire to the positive on both of  the IR led's ,
then solder one wire from one of your switches to the ground on your IR led's as shown , 
then take a piece of pcb board and solder your resistor to the grey end of diode ,
then solder your RGB led's to the pcb  then solder the two positive leads together and then solder the two ground together ,

​ok on to the next step

Step 5: Finishing the Led's

ok going back to the led's ,

Take a couple of wire's one for your positive a solder it to the positive side of your RGB led's ,
then take the other wire and solder it to the negative side of your RGB led's , 
next take the ground wire and solder it to your second switch ,  

now for the charge controller , 
since the socket for the power adapter is already to go well move on to the led indicator ,
this is were the blue led comes in ,
all you need to do is remove the old red led indicator from the charge controller and solder 470 ohm resistor to the positive ,
then take two wires solder one to the other end of the resistor and the other wire to the ground ,
on the other end of the wires solder the blue led this will be the new indicator , 

ok moving on to the next step

Step 6:

ok were getting close to being finished . 

now take the charge controller and place it in the bottom case in front of your battery pack and hot glue into place ,
next take your pcb board and hot glue it beside the charge controller , 
then take the socket on your charge controller and hot glue it to the open end of the case , 

next take the top part of the case the one with the IR led's and switch and place it beside the other , 
solder the battery packs  positive lead to both the charge controller and both the RGB led's and the IR led's ,
then solder all the grounds take the battery packs ground all the led's ground and the charge controllers and solder them , 

once this is done take you blue led indicator  and place the head of it through the pre-made hole beside of the socket , as shown , 
now that all the connection are made,
take some hot glue and glue each connection so the positive doe's not touch the ground its easier then taping it all ,

now you can hot glue the top half and the bottom half of the case together , 

ok all most done on to the next step

Step 7:

ok  almost done , 

to make sure that your case doesn't fall apart on you take ,
a bit of epoxy and go over the place's you hot glued the case together , be careful not to get any on you ,
once dried its time to add the glow in the dark paint , 
now you can write what you want with the paint , 
me I like the idea of it saying Wii since that is what it was made for , 
once again the paint is optional , 
ok your probably wondering about the ends of the case ,
I chose to leave them open so the components do not over heat ,
battery's and charge controllers have a habit of getting over heated if not vented ,
 so this allows air to flow through and keep it nice-n-cool  

ok on the next step is some info about the wireless Wii bar

Step 8: Info

here's so info you may find handy to know ,

specs ,
 run time is up to 5 hours ,
charge time is between 2 to 4 hours ,

here's a very simple way of telling if your IR led sensor is working .
you look at the sensor though your camera  to see if it on , 
cameras can see the infrared light  that we can't , they both should have a purple like color , 

well that's all folks , 
hope you enjoy the project , 
Thank you for viewing ,

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