Cosplay Ears




Introduction: Cosplay Ears

my daughter wanted to be rainbow dash and is forcing my wife to be pinkie pie, so we need ears.

Step 1: Template for Two Ear Styles

we used the top template over the curved one.

Step 2: Materials

hot glue gun and gluesticks

foam brush


stiff felt

acrylic paint in two shades for each ear

cutting tool (razor, x-acto, scissors)

Step 3: Cut and Shape

cut out the templates fold along center line and test fit onto barrettes for sizing.

Step 4: Cut and Paste, I Mean Glue.

trace onto foam and cut out.

fold in half to make sure it is even.

optional: on center line make a valley cut this is where you cut a "V" then glue inside the valley and lightly pinch the ears.

pic. 5 shows where to apply glue and then pinch to make a tip.

last pic shows before and after.

Step 5: Paint and Mount

if you do wings (let me know if anyone wants an 'ible on this) make sure both your colors match.

as seen in pics paint inside darker color, and outside edge lighter as well as backside.(sorry missing pic.)

cut a strip of stiff felt that fits your barrette, and glue it to barrette and ear base. (or a headband)

clip onto wig or hair. If you need a head here is my 'ible

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