Cloak help needed

I want to have a cloak for the new harry potter theme at universal in Orlando. I went to this site " " and looked at one called "Black Wool Cloak with Celtic Knot Trim" half way down the page, which I think is similar to the "Black 100% Wool Flannel Full Circle Cloak with Silver Knotwork Trim" located above it.While it gives the measurements and some of the materials used, I was wondering if it's possible to make it for $50 or less instead of the $155 dollars they want.

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need a cloak instructable

So I was cruising (or surfing) Instructables, and I stumbled upon this instructable Making a Viking Cloak-pin.It is a great Instructable, so I searched to find a Instructable on how to make a cloak to go with my newly made cloak pin. but I didn't find one.I guess my main point is, can someone please make an Instructable on making a cloak?preferably not a star wars cloak. -motorsk8er

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Viking cloak-pin

Interesting - I just put up my instructable on making Viking cloak-pins, and now I see there's an SCA group. Ellie Lutemaker

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how to make a long and big cloak?

Please help me.idont have an idea to makeit

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How can I make Spawn's cloak? Can anyone help? Answered

I really want to make Spawn's cloak, but i don't have any design ideas! Can somebody help? Somebody who read Spawn comics more than me?

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Wolf hoodie?

I'm wanting to make a costume for Halloween, the idea is called Little Miss Slaughter Hood, the idea is red riding hood with the wolf as a hood, i want to create a hood/cloak to look like a wolf head with just the top jaw and head as the hood. Any help as to how to make this would be awesome!!!

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Best Method to Attach and or Sew Feathers on to Clothing or Fabric? Several methods are needed.

I am looking for several methods of attaching and sewing feathers to clothing. I want to avoid using glue if at all possible, or perhaps a combo of glue and needle? Examples might be edging of cloaks, collars, cuffs, etc. Anyone have any neat tricks or ideas?

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Free Sewing Patterns

I'm trying to find a bunch of patterns for various pieces of medieval garb. The idea is that I want to make a bunch of outfits from my book, mostly as visual aids, but also as cosplay (because it's way more fun to dress up as your own characters than someone else's). If anyone can help me find the patterns, I need them for: Tunics (both laced and otherwise) Trousers Hooded cloaks Kirtles (sleeveless and long-sleeved) A buckled leather jacket (i.e. a jacket with buckles in place of buttons) (it's for a male character, by the way) I would preferrably like the patterns to be free, but, if not, I need them to at least be downloadable. The jacket will probably be a little tricky, since it's leather and not a very common design, but if anyone can find somewhere that sells them fairly cheaply, let me know. Of course, I'm not going to dump the work on everyone else and then slack off. I'm going to keep searching as well, so I can compare ideas and suggestions from everyone.

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